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How to Build a Profitable Music Career from Scratch

What would you get if you combined Marketing 101 and Business 101 into a quick and easy to digest video course? You get "How to Build a Profitable Music Career from Scratch" — the introductory training made specifically for independent musicians who need an overview of this complex industry FAST. This value-packed training is designed to be a university class worth of information that you can tackle in a single weekend. If you are starting from zero, this is the perfect place to begin!

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Music Selling Through Storytelling (30 Day Challenge)

The data is clear: better content WILL grow your fanbase and take your music career to the next level. That's why artists need to master these proven storytelling structures that are guaranteed to make fans listen, engage, and spend money with you. In this 30 Day Action Challenge, you will get daily lessons, templates, and scripts that you can utilize TODAY to engage with your existing audience, or grow a brand new one. Harness the power of storytelling for your music! Your fans are waiting to hear from you.

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80/20 Music Business Crash Course

If you need a comprehensive business & marketing course as an Independent Artist, look no further than 8020. The music industry is confusing. Where do you register your songs? How do you make money? What's the difference between a performance and mechanical royalty? It can be overwhelming to move forward. That's why I've taken the most important things you need to know about the music industry and condensed it into this 30 day crash course so you'll be able to navigate with confidence.

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Increase Your Productivity with Templates & Timesavers

Done-For-You Email Templates to Pitch to Labels, Music Supervisors, and Radio Stations

The 5 most important emails you'll ever write... And I've already written them for you! There's just one chance to make a stellar first-impression. Crafting a good pitch is where artists often fall short. Craft the pitch that music executives want to receive using our fill-in-the-blank templates.

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365 Day Content Calendar for Musicians

It's no secret that creating more content will grow your fanbase! Do this effortlessly with the 365 Day Content Calendar for Musicians! Wake up every day this year knowing exactly what type of content you need in order to grow your fanbase. 365 original content ideas for every day of the year, made specifically for musicians. Plus, you'll get video training showing you how to use the calendar and make the best type of content to grow an engaged fanbase.

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The Music Royalty Map

If only there was a map that told you how collect every single music royalty and where to sign up. Thankfully now there is! In this no-frills "crash-course," I explain comprehensively how music royalties work and everywhere you need to sign up to make sure you get what is owed to you. Whether you're a Songwriter, Producer, Performing artist, or DJ, you'll be able to follow the map and trace out your unique situation to know exactly what you need to do to collect. 

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Learn the Powerful "Know - Like - Trust" Strategy

The Spotify® Growth Formula

If you want to grow your Spotify Audience while utilizing the powerful "Know - Like - Trust" strategy, you're in the right place. "The Spotify Growth Formula" is the Facebook and Instagram Ads training program for musicians who want to build an audience of listeners from cold traffic. You will learn everything about running Facebook and Instagram Ads and understand the best marketing strategies for Spotify Growth.

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The Fan Journey Formula™

How do you turn Spotify streams, social media likes, and temporary "attention" into a thriving fanbase? The answer is simple: you need to take them on a Fan Journey from stranger to VIP. Through these advanced workshops, you will receive instruction on exactly how to build your own Fan Journey specifically for your fans. Finally make that deep connection with your fans that your music deserves.

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The Song Launch Formula™

Your song is recorded. Great! Now how do you release it so people actually care? That's where the SLF comes in. You'll get the most in-depth song release strategy anywhere on the internet including 30 Day Song Launch Calendar so you'll never get stuck wondering "what should I be doing today so I don't fall behind." A must-have for anyone releasing music online. 

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For Producers, Content Creators, & Service Providers

How To Rank Your Brand on Google and YouTube

How do you get new visibility every day? The answer is simple: You need to "rank." When your Music, Content, and Products exist online, you need to be absolutely certain you can be found by your potential fans. In this training, I teach you how to climb the rankings on Google and YouTube. 

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100% Organic Spotify Playlist Promotion

Getting on playlists is the difference between crickets on your Spotify a new normal of hundreds listening to your music daily. I partnered with the same promotion companies that Record Labels use to bring you affordable access to Spotify Playlist Influencers.

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Musical Income Engine

What if you could turn your music skills into a thriving online business?  Let me give you the path that has worked for me and so many of my students. You'll learn everything Facebook and Instagram ads to finding clients on By the end of this course, you will have a complete stack of skills to earn a side-income from your talents.

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Get Personalized Coaching from the Founder

The Indie Growth Coaching Community

What if you had an artist manager helping you structure you release plan? Or an advertising expert who can help you reach the right fans using Facebook ads? Or a business advisor to set you on the path to replace your current income or "day job" with a full-time music income... all with the help of a supportive community? You get all this inside the Indie Growth Community!

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1-1 Coaching Call via Zoom

Get the individual attention you need to overcome the obstacles in your music career. From marketing planning, to royalty collection, you'll meet with a music industry expert who will set you on your success path. 

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