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I’m Sharing My Content Strategy...
Specifically Designed to Make Fans Crazy About Your Music...
(In just 3.5 minutes per day!)


The data is clear: better content WILL grow your fanbase and take your music career to the next level.


What if you could find hundreds of new fans in just 3.5 minutes of work?

Would you do it?

Of course you would!

Most musical artists would in a heartbeat.

But there is a huge problem:

The problem is that musicians like us have a knack for sharing the wrong content with the wrong people.

We keep ourselves occupied with posts that make us feel productive, but it's essentially "busy work" because we fail at drawing fans closer to our music and DEFINITELY don't make more money by doing so.

As artists, social media is supposed to be fun AND strategic...but most artists are missing an opportunity.

Let me know if this is you:

▪️ You are posting with ZERO content strategy

▪️ You have the mentality that your music by itself will grow your fanbase (how's that been working out?)

▪️ You don't post regularly enough because you don't feel natural talking about your music

▪️ Or you simply have no clue where to start when it comes to connecting with people around your music

Sound familiar at all?

What's worse is that you probably don't have any idea of the type of content you need in the crucial early stages of the Fan Journey! 

Just as a reminder, the Fan Journey is the process of:

  1. Turning Traffic into Viewers
  2. Turning Viewers into Music Fans
  3. Turning Music Fans into VIP Supporters & Customers

Musicians are stuck with the mindset that if you post your original songs, a few photos, and a cover song here and there, you'll somehow become an adored artist.

Believe me I wish it were that simple.

But honestly ask yourself...

Are you really doing what it takes?

Are you making the content you need to make in order to attract fans and turn them into VIP buyers?

If you're honest you'll agree with me that you need a change in your content strategy.

Thankfully, a solution exists and I’m going to help you!

Over the next 30 days, I’ll be your personal guide in building a content strategy that brings NEW fans to your music—guaranteed.

Introducing: "Music Selling Through Storytelling"
(30 Day Challenge)


I want to invite you to join me as we spend the next 30 days unpacking the solution to this content problem we face as musicians.

You’ll learn the strategy to convince total strangers and “sell” them on the fact that your music IS worth paying attention to.

I’ve prepared 30 days of daily training for you that is going to change everything about how you promote your music, share your story, and attract an audience to yourself and your music.

And by the end of this training, you will completely understand how to attract and engage fans around your music with ease:

Imagine waking up every day and knowing exactly what you need to make in order to take fans on an exciting journey revolving around your music.

Imagine filming your next video and having the confidence that you are connecting with your fans deeper than you ever had before.

That's why I made this.

Here’s what will happen after you finish this 30 day challenge:

▶︎ You’ll confidently create content for 3.5 minutes a day knowing you're building the foundation for your future music success

▶︎ You’ll feel comfortable talking about your music and running week-long campaigns to build your fanbase and sell your products

▶︎ You’ll never have to sit staring at a blank Instagram screen second-guessing what you should be posting today


▶︎ Easily promote your music in a consistent, NON-salesy way and actually have your audience respond

▶︎ Stop blasting annoying "promotion" AT your fans and instead create a community WITH your fans

▶︎ No more unplanned & last minute content attempts where you just end up deleting the post later

▶︎ AND you’ll finally turn your fans into customers and not just “followers” who stay on the social media sidelines

I know this is what you need as a musician because I've been asked hundreds of times for help with this exact struggle. As a professional marketer and coach, I’ve created the product that will help every musician in every genre solve this problem.


Here’s What You Get Inside The Challenge:


Each week inside Music Selling Through Storytelling (30 Day Challenge) you will learn a new content strategy that’s rooted in rock-solid storytelling principles. Every lesson will provide in-depth training and examples for you to implement right away for your music brand!

This 30 Day Challenge is like having an artist manager helping you with your music career daily:

⭐️ Daily email lessons delivered straight to your inbox that tell you exactly the type of content you need to make every day.

⭐️ Writing examples and “Fill-In-The-Blank” Storytelling Scripts that will improve your storytelling skills through imitation and repetition.

Here are how the weeks break down:

MSTS Week 1:

✅ How to discover your personalized “Story Buckets” that are guaranteed to draw NEW fans to your music without ads. Each day you will get a new lesson (7 per week).

MSTS Week 2:

✅ My powerful content planning formula called the “Hourglass Content Structure” that will make your fans click on any link you share. (You will get 7 more detailed lessons on this topic).

MSTS Week 3:

✅ A little-known strategy called a “Re-Engagement Campaign” to awaken old fans who have forgotten about you. (You'll get 7 lessons with examples that you can use for your own posts).

MSTS Week 4:

✅ My story-driven technique to promote anything to your music for an entire week without being “salesy” or annoying. (You'll get 9 more lessons to complete our month of training as well as exact scripts that you can copy from me). 


This is NOT just going to teach you theory without providing any examples or steps on how to execute... Instead I've cut straight to the core storytelling principles of what makes a post engaging and how to resonate with your audience and provide daily action steps and templates for you to implement right away!

All you have to do is fill in the rest with YOUR life and YOUR story. Every single one of your posts will be unique to you and you'll see an immediate improvement in your audience engagement!

So basically for the next 30 days you'll have me as your social media marketing manager (but without having to pay me $3000/mo to manage your brand!)

Here’s a recap of everything you get from me:

▪️ The same content strategy and templates that I give to my $3000/mo clients

▪️ 30 days of powerful written lessons sent directly to your inbox so you can learn on your own time within your busy schedule

▪️ Daily action steps so you're never left wondering "how do I apply this to me"

▪️ Writing examples and “Fill-In-The-Blank” Storytelling Scripts that are practically written for you and will help you to actually execute and get your story out there.

▪️ You’ll benefit from my 10 years of marketing experience (not just in music but for 6-figure businesses) so you know that your message will resonate

▪️ Everything in this training will help fans fall in love with your MUSIC! This is not just some generic marketing mumbo jumbo. I’m a professional musician with a 4 year degree + a marketing expert. So I’m the perfect teacher for this exact topic. 


Here's just some of what you'll learn inside:


⚡️ The ultimate secret to getting good at writing content FAST (once I started doing this I found my “voice” and speed of writing improving dramatically while solidifying my brand)

⚡️ How to use the "Hourglass Content Formula" technique to write engaging emails and social media posts (do NOT underestimate how valuable this is. I use it every single day to share my brand and make money.)

⚡️ Learn how to finally create your "Big Ask" so that you don't beat around the bush when trying to market and sell your products

⚡️ How to make deposits in the "Emotional Bank Account" of your audience so that fans are overflowing with love towards you and your music brand and want to spend money on you.

⚡️ The best day of the week to begin promoting your music and how to use "warm-up" content to prepare your audience to purchase from you

⚡️ How to create a list of content ideas so long you’ll never have “writer’s block” again. (This is the same method Grammy-Winning songwriters use when in the Nashville "writers' rooms")

⚡️ How to use music to kick-start your “creative brain” so you can enter into a "flow-state" and write with confidence no matter the topic

⚡️ The best “introductory sentence” to use in a piece of writing or a video (this taps into a deeply engrained psychological principle that will work on every human even if the topic is boring)

⚡️ The single most important research tool that almost every artist forgets to use (and it's completely free)

⚡️ How to make your content and your sales flow together so that you're never in a "salesey" situation that is awkward and unnatural (once you learn this it’ll make perfect sense and you’ll be kicking yourself for not knowing it earlier.)

⚡️ The most important email that you need to send to EVERY fan and how to write it in 15 minutes

⚡️ The true goal of marketing (understand this one principle and you'll be able to clearly plan ANY promotion)

⚡️ How to get an infinite list of content ideas without doing any "research" 

⚡️ How to turn ANY event in your life into a powerful piece of content that you can use to stay "top of mind"

Plus, a whole bunch more...


AND You'll Get Bonuses! Here's What You'll Receive When You Join Today:


☑️ BONUS: My “Agency Style” Fill-In-The-Blank Content Calendar Template to plan out your entire year of content

☑️ BONUS: An additional 5-lesson Mini-Course called "How To Structure The Ideal Post" (Perfect for video based content)

☑️ BONUS: My H.C.T.T.C.™ Content Structure that Grew My YouTube Channel to 40,000 subscribers without Ads

☑️ BONUS: Access to "The Indie Vault™" which is my members-only portal with additional music industry contracts, templates, and essential training that every artist needs to collect their royalties and release new songs

☑️ Easy, direct to your inbox delivery PLUS lifetime access/updates inside your Indie Music Academy Portal 


Plus a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee!


My only goal is for you to succeed and to grow your fanbase risk free. If you don’t feel that I can help you, then I don’t want to keep your money. If you’re not happy, you don’t pay. It’s that simple. 

So when you're ready, hit the blue "Enroll Now" button below to save your seat and I'll see you inside the 30 Day Challenge!

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The 30-Day Challenge Begins:



Starts the immediately after you enroll. Take the class fully online, always feel free to email me during the 4-Week Course.


One Month Of Daily Training

Daily lessons for 4 weeks. Get immersed in the process.


All Artists & Genres

No matter your situation this class will level you up!

What current students are saying (so far!)

P.S. - If you were skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was for, you're getting 4 weeks of training straight to your inbox that's going to give you clarity on how to move forward with your music content strategy.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

This purchase is covered with my "burn the ships" money-back guarantee.

As with all my trainings, this comes with a 14 day money back guarantee.

But it's unlike any guarantee you've probably ever heard of. 

Here's the thing about guarantees... it gives you a way to back out from achieving what you want.  It allows you to give up too easily on something you want to accomplish.

So if you purchase, go through a couple of trainings and decide to give up, then there is NO GUARANTEE.

There is no way that you did the amount of work needed to achieve your goal. I'm not going to let you give up that easy.

But if you go through the training, do all the work and ON DAY 14, you feel that this was a mistake? You are covered.

I'm doing this because I truly believe it's the best way to ensure you succeed. I know how easy it is to refund something because it's easier than the pain of hard work day after day.

Here's a quick video that I think will change your beliefs about guarantees:


☑️ DO THE WORK and take responsibility for your own success

☑️ Contact [email protected]

☑️ Show me know you've done the work and you'd like a refund and I'll GLADLY refund you.

I don't want you to ever be unhappy with any purchase you make with us. My team and I will go above and beyond to take care of you. But my first priority is to turn you into the musician you were meant to be.

So all I ask is that you make that guarantee to yourself first, and I'll do everything I can to push you towards your vision of success.

So take action and let's get started right away. Click the button to begin!

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Enroll In "Music Selling Through Storytelling" (30 Day Challenge)

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A quick note from Ryan,

Hello indie artist! My name is Ryan and I am the founder of the Indie Music Academy and the creator of this 30 Day Challenge.

I can't wait for you all to experience this brand new training!

For those who are familiar with the Indie Music Academy, you should know that I'm structuring this challenge very similarly to the 8020 Music Business Crash Course but with one major difference...

I want to make this course more accessible to artists who are on a budget.

I want you to learn how to effectively share your story without paying that "online course" price-tag.

That's why I'm calling this a 30-Day Challenge rather than a "course" — but it is in no way a downgrade in VALUE.

This 30-Day Challenge will still give you daily lessons, action steps, templates, and motivation to change your music career forever... but for a fraction of the price.

So what I've decided to do is give this 30-day challenge EXACTLY the same amount of value as my best selling 8020 Music Business Course ($297), but sell it for $100 less—permanently.

That's right, the price tag of this challenge is going to be permanently discounted to just $197.

 Thanks for your support and I'll see you inside the challenge!

Limited Time Price!


Here's what happens next:

  • Enroll in the course today and reserve your seat with all the bonuses.
  • Your first lesson arrives via email on immediately and will continue for 4 weeks.
  • If you ever have any questions or concerns, just reply to any of the training emails.
  • Customer Support is at the ready to help you understand the material.
  • Lifetime Access for years of benefit for you and your music career.
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You are ready for this if you are:

Passionate about your music career and ready to improve drastically.

Done making excuses to your family about when your music is going to really “take off.”

Sick of seeing others in the industry being more successful than you (and less talented).

If you've been wondering why nobody is engaging with you online.

Ready for it to be easier to brand yourself and tell your story.

Willing to go all in on your music the right way.

You know what you need to do to become successful. What are you waiting for?

Join the "Music Selling Through Storytelling" (30 Day Challenge)