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The 5 most important emails you'll ever write...
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When I first started as an artist in the music industry, I would make some terrible mistakes.

  • I didn't properly send the right information when pitching my music
  • I included trigger words in my emails that got my emails sent straight to SPAM (for example "Spotify Promotion" is a trigger word).
  • I didn't understand how to use an Electronic Press Kit when trying to land opportunities
  • I honestly didn't have a lot of practice reaching out to the big players of the music industry and I was a little awkward

The same thing was true when even trying to communicate and build loyalty with my fanbase:

  • I wasn't educating my fans on what they should be doing to support me
  • I would get new fans but I wasn't earning any more money
  • I wasn't taking my fans on a journey through my music, I was just kind of a big commercial all the time

It wasn't until I got help from professional artist managers, music publishers, and music supervisors that I was able to turn this around.

They helped me by giving me templates as a starting place to build my own voice and communicate effectively to get my music in the right hands!

Now I want to give these templates to you (with some advanced video training too!)

I've created these templates based on real conversations with music industry executives and asked them what they would want to see when receiving new music.

What you'll get:

  1. Record Label Template: Use this when trying to get signed
  2. Music Supervisor Template: Use this to get your music in TV shows
  3. Music Publisher Template: Use this to land songwriting placements
  4. Radio Station Template: Use this to pitch your music to radio stations
  5. Share Your Story Template: Use this to keep fans engaged in you, the artist.

These done-for-you scripts are proven to get your message across you can pitch your music confidently to record labels, music supervisors, and radio stations with increased success!

To hire me to pitch your music for you would at minimum be $500 per song. But because I spent the time templatizing my process, you can get the same results at a fraction of the price!

But I don't want to just give you templates and leave you to figure it out on your own...

That's why I am also including an advanced video training where I coach you through every template and explain the guiding principals behind each so that you can build your own skills and have the understanding to express yourself freely!

I don't offer this training anywhere else (you can even check) this training is not included in any other offer.

Interest from just one record label or music publisher could mean thousands of dollars towards your music career. I know that using these templates will be well worth it!

Grab Your Music Industry Templates Now for Only $37

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P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was for, you're getting
5 proven fill-in-the-blank email templates you can use to successfully pitch your music today. As well as a 20-minute training workshop where I show you the best ways to use these templates and the methodology behind why they work.

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Only $37


  • Record Label Template
  • Music Supervisor Template
  • Music Publisher Template
  • Radio Station Template
  • Share Your Story Template
  • Includes Video Workshop

Includes Workshop: Learn How to Pitch to Labels, Music Supervisors, and Radio Stations

Video Training and Fill-in-the-blank email script templates so that you make the best first impression when pitching your music to industry pros.