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  • No Bots, Low-Quality Ads, or Engagement Schemes
  • Our Unique Approach is powered by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & is Spotify Terms of Service (TOS) compliant which means you never risk the safety of your music
  • All with a 100% Refund Guarantee
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Discover the fastest and most effective way to grow your Spotify... ethically.


Have you ever wondered "what is the best way to get more streams on Spotify?"

Most independent artists write incredible songs but they are missing the promotion method that puts their music in front of new fans in a way that matters.

They try dozens of lackluster promotion methods from:

  1. Posting to their friends on social media
  2. Trying their hands at Facebook and YouTube ads
  3. Even “boosting" a post to try and overcome the algorithm won’t work

Do you see the common thread in these in-effective marketing attempts?

The listener needs to stop watching that cat video (or whatever they were doing) and switch apps in order to stream your music… which is not how they wanted to spend their time in the first place!

This is called "interruption marketing" and this is what we as artists default to because it's what we see everywhere around us.

The only difference is that corporations spend millions on "interruption marketing" every week.

You can't copy a corporation because you are not a corporation.

You are an independent musician (and you don't have millions to spend on Facebook ads either).

You need a different strategy.

Thankfully, there is a marketing principle that has been well-known by established marketers for decades:

☞ The most cost-effective way to grow a platform is to advertise directly on that platform.

This is the secret to massive results—stop trying to convince people to jump from one platform to another. Few artists realize this this and are frustrated when they can’t get anyone to listen to their songs on Spotify.

The answer?

Show your music to thousands of listeners who are already looking for new music!

This is why Spotify Playlist Promotion is so effective and why you should start using playlist promotion in your music marketing strategy.

There's just one problem...

Spotify Promotion companies are sketchy

I hate to be the bringer of bad news.

As someone who has been on playlists before

And has gotten artists thousands of streams from playlists

Here is the sad reality:

  • Most Spotify Playlists don't provide you with real listeners
  • The big playlist companies are a well-oiled “Bot” machine that simply drive-up your Spotify numbers artificially (without any real fans)
  • If your playlist doesn’t bring the right listeners, it will actually HURT your Spotify algorithm
  • And if you use low-quality, low-priced Spotify promotion services, you can actually get BANNED from Spotify all-together

I think you know the ones I’m talking about.

They are the guys DMing you on Instagram trying to sell you $45 dollar Spotify promotion with no reputable company backing their claims.

Or the friendly-looking faces running Instagram and Facebook ads claiming they have thousands of happy customers when in reality it’s all a front to scam artists into purchasing low-quality, bot-runned streams.

It’s all fake.

And fake streams on music streaming services don’t build your fan base.

Without real people listening, you can’t begin to take them on your Fan Journey.

Not only that...

Without real people listening, you can’t build reliable demographic information

Or carve your digital fingerprint into the Spotify “Related Artists” algorithm.’

How to attract the right type of listeners (not just empty streams)

So who are the right type of listeners? And how do you get them to listen to your music on Spotify?

Well most artists will assume that getting on playlists with the right “Genre” is good enough and it will build their Spotify Algorithm.

But that’s actually not enough and Spotify doesn’t care about Genre as much as you’d think.

What Spotify actually cares about is the quality of this listener and the actions they perform.

Here’s what a quality Spotify listener does:

  • They use the Spotify search bar
  • They consume multiple types of music across multiple genres
  • They drag songs into their own playlist libraries
  • And they click the heart button next to your song

You need a listener who does all these things…

Which means even getting on a playlist within your genre could actually be a bad thing if you’re not getting active users of the Spotify App.

I shelled out my own money to show you the difference between bot traffic and real followers...

Italian Trulli

Since you've read this far, it seems appropriate to finally introduce myself.

My name is Ryan Waczek and I'm an Emmy-Award Winning musician and the founder of the Indie Music Academy (more on that later).

It’s no secret that against low-quality Spotify placements...

And if you’ve ever had a conversation with me, I might have told you that I was on the hunt for a legitimate, reputable, Spotify Playlist company.

And to this day, I haven’t found any that I would recommend.

And believe me, I've looked HARD and spent thousands in the process, testing, and vetting...

All of them falling short:


Playlist Push

And others that I won’t name specifically but you probably see his ads too on Instagram….

Not a single one of them delivered real engagement.

Not a single one brought me real fans that I could send on my Fan Journey.

Not until I took matters into my own hands.

I was fed up with not finding a Spotify Playlisting solution for myself so I went out and did what most are unwilling to do:

I partnered with the same Los Angeles - based marketing companies that Major Record Labels use to get their artists placed on legitimate, influencer-owned playlists.

And trust me guys,

Record labels don't mess around with bots when it comes to building the audiences of their artists.

Record labels need real fans otherwise they go out of business.

The very first time I spoke with them, I told them: "I don't mess around with fake plays... and if I even suspect that they were sending bot traffic, we were done."

Long story short guys,

My very first experience ended with a Major placement on the BBC Hulu Original "Normal People" with my song RIGHT NEXT to Selena Gomez and other household names.

I went on to do 6 more campaigns and actually triggered the Spotify "Radio" Algorithm which gives me thousands of free streams every week directly to my songs and permanently increased my monthly listeners due to the organic growth!

I'm not saying that these results are typical...

But what I am saying is this is finally the real deal.

Not a bot-farm.

Not a scam.

Once I got a real placement, fans started DMing me on Instagram!

And I know for a fact that they are discovering me on Spotify because I'm even getting emails saying "I found your song on ___ playlist"

That's what the Fan Journey is all about!

And this had never happened before on other playlists (because bots don't care about you).

So what I'm about to share with you is direct access to the Los Angeles promotion companies that I've partnered with.

They usually only deal with Record Labels, but they've agreed to let Indie Music Academy students submit their music on this page only.

(This is not just marketing mumbo jumbo, they actually have only partnered with me and no other promotion service.)

So if you have been searching for legitimate and safe Spotify Playlist Promotion like I have...

That actually grows your popularity with real fans and not bots...

Then continue below to learn more about the promotion packages that I've negotiated in advance for you.

It all comes with a delivery guarantee: which means you get refunded the difference if for some reason your song can't get placed.

And my personal favorite: a 100% no "bot" guarantee too!

Keep reading below to learn about the types of popular playlists we work with and how to start promoting your song!

We pitch to influencers who own a variety of organically ranking playlists:

Here are the broad playlist categories your music could be placed in...


Many Spotify listeners discover new songs searching by mood, whether it be "Relaxing Music," "Sad Songs," or "Happy Hits," our goal is to make your music the answer to their search. Using this technique allows for powerful connection as fans discover your song alongside many of their favorite artists and genres.


Much like seasons, Spotify is constantly changing throughout the year. Because of this, "Seasonal Playlists" are some of the most active and valuable on the platform (if you can time it right). From "Summer Vibes" to "Christmas Coffeehouse," season-based playlists organically grow as listeners set the soundtrack to their lives every month and our aim is to make sure you benefit from these seasonal trends.


These are not curated by Spotify… but they are the next best thing. Only about 1% of Influener-Owned Genre playlists pass our test for legitimacy and we can pitch anything from EDM, Rap, Rock, Indie and more! You can expect these placements to loosely match your musical genre or a complementary genre with audience overlap.


The “secret weapon” of major record labels are “Soundtrack Playlists” because they are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) hotspots. What is SEO? These are some of Spotify’s most active playlists because when music lovers from around the world search for their favorite movies, TV shows, and/or video games, these playlists appear first in the search results! We want your song to be the answer to their search so our goal is to place you in these highly active streams of traffic.

Music Festival

For Electronic and EDM artists, finding legitimate Spotify Promotion can be next to impossible without risking your music on bot-driven playlists. But we’ve found a 100% safe and organic solution “Festival Playlists.” Our aim is to match your music with a popular music festival that gets thousands of searches each month. These playlists are highly active when it’s festival season, but maintain a healthy and organic listenership throughout the year.

Social & Viral

Internet culture is driving music discovery unlike ever before in history and Spotify listeners want to listen to their favorite discoveries on repeat. That is why “Social & Viral” playlists are getting organic traffic through search leading to playlists like “TikTok Viral Hits” and the exposure is off-the-charts! Our aim is for your music to benefit from this social phenomenon that is happening right now in the music industry for maximum exposure.


How are we different?
Pretty much every way...


We are 100% Spotify Compliant 

Did you know that it's illegal to pay to get on a playlist? Don't worry, the FBI isn't going to come knocking! However, you could be risking the safety of your music by breaking the Spotify Terms of Service. Many of our competitors don't care about this rule and unknowing artists have found their music to be removed from Spotify as a consequence of "payola." That's why we do things completely differently.


True Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Paying to be placed onto a playlist is a "no-no" if you want to build an audience ethically without the risk of getting banned and your music removed. With us you'll never have to worry about that because we use "influencer marketing" which is 100% legal and ethical. "Influencer Marketing" is where we hire individuals with an audience (playlist curators) to back your song with their support. These influencers (who own a variety of playlists) will use their influence and traffic to bring brand new listeners to your song. We own ZERO playlists so there is no conflict of interest and ZERO legal gray area.


Truly "Organic" Means Ethically Exclusive

There is no "magic button" that will get you streams. Truly organic pitching means 34% of artists won't get placed (and this is a good thing).  The word "organic" in regards to Spotify Promotion has had its very meaning stripped by other promotion companies claiming to be one thing but doing another. Even well-known scams will boldly claim "organic" front and center on their website. Here at the Indie Music Academy, we take “Organic” very seriously. Once we pitch your song and capture the attention of an influencer, the influencer alone decides which of their playlists best fits your song. We don't manufacture opportunities for songs that are undeserving just for a quick buck. If the influencer doesn’t have any playlists that fit your song, then we try someone new until the perfect marriage is made—or you receive a full refund

That's right: it's completely risk-free.

If we are unable to secure an influencer you will receive 100% of your money back.

And, if for some reason we are not able to deliver on the promised number of streams, we will refund the difference.

Ready to dive in? 

Click the button below to choose the package that best fits your budget.


Is this legit? Absolutely.

Here's how to spot bot-run playlisting scams:

We went undercover and purchased "real organic promotion" from some of our competitors offering promotional services. In reality, the product they delivered was far from authentic. I'll let the analytics speak for itself in this side-by-side comparison.

(Screenshots taken from AWAL distribution.)

Other Playlists = Scam

Bots don't interact with your music the way humans do. See how 97% of streams are NOT on Desktop or Mobile? These are fake streams and will not grow your music career.

Our Spotify Influencers =
Real Fans

See the difference? Real influencer marketing on your Spotify profile means that real humans will listen to your music and interact with you. This is why it's so crucial to know the difference.

Is this all new to you? Don't worry!

We know that learning about how to promote on Spotify can be overwhelming in the beginning without help. That's why I've filmed three videos that will catch you up on everything you need to know about how Spotify Playlists work!

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Who I Am and Why You Should Listen To Me

My name is Ryan Waczek and I've cracked the Spotify code for independent artists like you, helping to get my artists on Spotify's Fresh Finds, Poptronix, Release Radar, Discover Weekly, Algorithmic "Radio" playlists, and 3rd-Party playlists.

I've also harnessed the power of Facebook and Instagram marketing to reach to thousands of fans worldwide through strategic music marketing techniques.

In 2018 I got the artists on my record label streamed for over 1 Million minutes through successfully triggering the Spotify Algorithm for multiple artists. I started the Indie Music Academy to teach independent artists how to market their music the right way.

I've even done it myself
(without changing my crazy last name)...
1,700 Shares and 21,000 Monthly Listeners

Which translates into income, fans, collabs, opportunities, and being a real contender in the music industry!

Here is just ONE of my music income streams:

Borrow the audience of playlist influencers to trigger the Spotify Algorithm like I did!


Here's why you're NEVER going to want to work with anyone else!

Our Process Is Heavily Documented

Unlike other playlisting companies, we don't operate in the dark. You can read about our entire playlist pitching process as well as how we identify bot playlists to avoid. 


We Never Leave A Question Unanswered

We want you to feel 100% confident in your purchase. That's why we've answered pages of questions in advance so you can know exactly what to expect. 


How does it work?

Step 1

We accept your song information and payment through our secure payment processor. We work with your budget to secure placement opportunities with our network of influencers with a combined reach of 10 million fans.

Step 2

We take your song to our exclusive network of vetted influencers to get you quality placements on highly-engaged Spotify playlists with real users. Your song will stay in those playlists for as long as it takes to reach the desired campaign goal! We actively work on your behalf to get you the fan visibility you need.

Step 3

You see increased engagement not only on Spotify, but in your entire music ecosystem because your music will be heard by real fans who are ready to be taken on your Fan Journey!


 To preserve the quality of our influencer relationships, we reserve the right to decline service to artists that submit low-quality recordings.


Choose Your Spotify Promotion Package:

We will continue promoting your music with our network of influencers until you exceed the number of guaranteed streams listed below.
Learn why we guarantee streams.



Who's this for?

This is a great choice if you are...

Passionate about your music career and ready to operate with ease.

Done making excuses to your family about when your music is going to really “take off.”

Sick of seeing others in the industry being more successful than you (and less talented).

If you've been wondering what you're missing.

Ready for it to be easier.

Willing to go all in.

This is not for you if...

Deep down you don’t believe you’re cut out for this business.

You are skeptical that you're good enough to be a successful artist.

You’re not an action-taker.

You are not willing to show up AND show the world your authentic-self.

You mistakenly think that successful artists don't get help from others.

If you related more to the first group, then you're in the right place!


It's time to build the future of your music career. Click the button to bring thousands of new listeners to your song.