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The 365 Day Content Calendar for Musicians

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It's no secret that daily content is going to grow your music career - but there is a huge problem.

The problem is that they are sharing the wrong content with the wrong people. They're keeping themselves occupied with posts that make them feel good, but it's essentially "busy work" because they are not drawing fans towards their music and definitely not making any more money from doing so.

Social media should be fun and it's also a great tool...but most artists are missing an opportunity:

  1. They are operating with ZERO content strategy
  2. They have the mentality that their music by its self will grow their fanbase (how's that been working out?)
  3. They don't post regularly to begin with

Sound familiar at all? What's worse is they don't have any idea the type of content they need to create to begin the process of turning viewers into fans and followers, and the type of content to turn followers into buyers.

Musicians are stuck with the mindset that if they post their original songs, a couple of behind the scenes photos, and a cover here and there, they will some how become an adored artist.

Believe me, I wish it were that simple.

But honestly ask yourself...

Are you really doing what it takes?

Are you making the content that you need to make to attract fans and turn them into VIP buyers?

If you're honest, you'll agree with me that you need a change in your content strategy.

Introducing: 365 Day Content Calendar for Musicians

Imagine waking up every day and knowing exactly what you need to make in order to take fans on an exciting journey revolving around your music?

Imagine hitting record and having the confidence that you are connecting with your fans deeper than you ever had before.

That's why I made this! I want you to:

  • Confidently hit record for 3.5 minutes a day knowing that you're building the foundation for your future music success
  • Never have to sit and second-guess yourself as to what you should be posting today
  • Easily promote your music in a consistent, non-salesy way and have your audience respond
  • Stop blasting your promotion AT your fans, and create a community WITH your fans
  • No more unplanned, last-minute content attempts
  • Use the prompts to spark your creativity to share insightful content with depth

I know this is what you need as a musician because I've been asked hundreds of times for help with this. Now I have a product that will help.

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Image blurred as a preview only. You'll get the full calendar when you join below!

Get your 365 Day Content Calendar for Musicians for Only $37

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P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was for, you're getting my 365 Day Content Calendar for Musicians so that you can supercharge your fan growth and never have to question what content you should be making to build a fanbase.

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  • Independent Artists
  • Bands/Musical Groups
  • Managers & Promoters
  • DJs & Producers
  • Independent Record Labels
  • Studio Owners
  • Anyone Who Needs To Grow A Music Audience
  • 365 Days of Music Content Ideas Immediately Delivered to You!

You are ready for this content calendar if you are:

Passionate about your music career and ready to increase your exposure drastically.

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Sick of seeing others in the industry being more successful than you (and less talented).

If you've been wondering why nobody is engaging with you online.

Ready for it to be easier to brand yourself and tell your story.

Willing to go all in on your music the right way.

You know what you need to do to become successful. What are you waiting for?

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