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Let me show you how to grow your Spotify anywhere from 10x to 1,400x more than where you are right now.

In the last two years… I’ve helped my clients get over 1,000,000 Spotify streams using a simple marketing strategy that I discovered… 

And on this page I’m going to show how you can too. 

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Fig1. A Screenshot taken from one of my Spotify clients.

Let me show you how to grow your Spotify.
A lot.

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In the last two years… I’ve helped my clients get over 1,000,000 Spotify streams using a simple marketing strategy that I discovered… 

And on this page I’m going to show how you can too. 

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This works to Increase your Followers, Streams, & Monthly Listeners on Spotify…

…without the support of a label, a PR firm, or daily social media posting.

And it works even if you…

  • Are starting from scratch
  • Only have a few songs published
  • Don’t have any “marketing” experience

Keep reading and I’ll show you the full strategy…

What artists are saying:

You have great music. But there’s one problem:

No one knows about it.


It used to be the case that you could sit around and wait for your music to be “discovered”.

Or that if you simply gigged a lot, the “right person” would be in the audience just waiting to hand you “your big break”.

Needless to say, those days are gone.

So you might think the only remaining way to become “known” and successful is to sell your soul (and music) to a corporate record label…

Or hire an expensive PR firm…

Or to just get randomly “lucky”...

I’m here to tell you: You don’t need any of these things.

Labels and PR work for some artists, sure. But no, you do not need them.

In fact, using some slightly unconventional (but dead simple) marketing tactics, I’ve been able to help my clients grow their following on Spotify to double or even 100x where they were at before.

Even if they started with zero streams!

Keep reading and I'll share more...

I doubled the daily streams for a previously released song in less than 1 month using the strategy I'm about to show you!

A Los Angeles Songwriting Duo, "Peppermint Heaven," is adding 100+ followers every month using this exact marketing strategy!

Why Spotify?

Well, if you want to become a successful artist who has fans that know and love your music…

The fact is, there’s one platform today that matters above all else...

It’s Spotify.

That’s where listeners check out your music. 

It’s the “home” of your whole music catalog.

So naturally when someone hears that you have music that’s released, the first place they’ll check is Spotify. 

If you’re at a gig or playing a house show and meet someone, they’ll ask you:

“Oh, are you guys on Spotify?”

In those vital moments, you want to have a Spotify following you’re proud to share.

Yes, social media is also important (And I’ll show you how to grow that too later on this page…)

But we can agree: Spotify is King. 

Even if all you did was grow your Spotify…your music career would be in a good spot.

Simply put: Spotify is where new fans discover your music. 

But the story doesn’t end there...

Keep reading and I'll tell you something painfully true that I REFUSED to believe for YEARS.

Rob S.

Musical Artist - "ROGATUM"

"Before this course, I would upload my music and only get a few plays from family and friends—Now I have the tools to get my song in front of THOUSANDS of people! Thank you IMA!"

- Rob S.

Paula M.

Musical Artist - "ABRAXA"

"I loved being part of the Spotify Growth training program, the members helped each other out and gave feedback, all in a very supportive and fun environment. I really enjoyed working with them!"

- Paula M.

Whether we want to admit it or not…

People will make a split-second decision on your music… 

Solely based on how many Spotify listeners you have at any given moment.

This includes: Venue managers, Record Labels, Booking Agents…

But most importantly Potential Fans

This means that if you want your music to be not only heard…but taken seriously…growing your Spotify should be a priority.

Again, it might seem impossible to do this without a record label or a big fancy marketing firm…

But I’ve discovered how artists can take matters into their own hands with my #1 DIY Spotify growth strategy that I’ll show you in just a moment. 

I’ve used it to take independent artists from zero listeners to thousands of new listeners every month!

The best part is that this works for nearly every artist because it doesn’t rely on Spotify Playlists, an expensive PR firm, submitting to blogs, daily social media posting, or anything else like that.

Yes, this works even if: 

  • You’re a brand new artist/band and just want to build some professional momentum and get your first thousand fans
  • Or if you already have a solid foundation of fans, this will take your career to the next level and double your fanbase and beyond.
  • Even if all you care about is finding people who’ll truly enjoy your music, this will still work to bring your music the attention it deserves through meaningful relationships.

I’ve used this strategy to produce results with dozens of my clients. And it’s so effective that even they can’t believe it’s working…

A text thread with another one of my artist clients, too funny not to share!

First, let me show you how I increased my streams and followers by 1,400x and 40x in 90 days on my own Spotify…

Here’s what my Spotify looks like right now:

As an unsigned artist, I was able to get my two songs to over 300,000 streams each - all with real listeners.

A HUGE part of this was my DIY Spotify Growth Strategy that I’m about to share with you.

But before I dive into that… Let me give you a little background about me…

As you hopefully know, I’m Ryan Waczek. :)

I’m the founder, CEO, and chief marketing strategist at the Indie Music Academy.

I help independent artists build successful (and profitable) careers in music, without needing to sign a record deal or hire an expensive PR firm.

I’m a classically trained musician with a 4-year degree.

And I’ve written with Grammy-winning songwriters and am a 2x Emmy-Winning soundtrack composer (here is a photo to prove it):

Not only that…

I’m also an independent musician myself…

However, despite my professional success…

For YEARS, my Spotify wasn’t getting any organic streams…

I’m embarrassed to say that my profile used to looked something like this:

That’s right. 11 monthly listeners.

Apparently I’d made good enough music to earn recognition from the music industry… but even that didn’t translate into streams.

I believed my original songs were really good!

But clearly my Spotify listener count was abysmally low…

So…I set out to fix that and grow my Spotify profile.

I knew I needed to spend a small amount of my time doing “marketing”. That’s just part of being a professional artist…

But the conventional “wisdom” about how to grow your Spotify didn’t work for me.

I tried all the typical things like “posting more on social media”. But that proved to be a waste of time. The only “likes” I’d get would be from my immediate family (thanks Mom) and a few friends.

And purchasing credits on Submithub and pitching my music to blogs and playlists was emotionally draining due to getting “denied” more often than accepted...

I even tried “boosting” my posts… But that was like flushing money down the toilet. Facebook just took my money without any lasting results…

(In a second I’ll explain why boosting posts is a waste of time. FB uses that to trick amateurs into giving them their money.)

In all cases, my Spotify streams barely budged.

I knew my Spotify deserved to grow… but I just couldn’t crack the code on how to do it (at first).

Maybe YOU have experienced the same thing…

Perhaps you’ve taken courses before (or watched some YouTube videos) where you’re supposed to learn how to build a massive audience. My guess is: This left you with little to no results…

And even if something does work with these “typical methods”… It's extremely slow and unpredictable.

You’re basically just “hoping” someone randomly finds your music and becomes a fan. And as they say: “Hope is not a strategy”.

It was the same for me.

I wanted to crack the Spotify code for myself (and my clients).

It took me thousands of hours… tens of thousands of dollars… and the better part of 3 years…

Testing… Making mistakes… Trying things that didn’t work…

And if you’re reading this, you might be going through the same struggle.

Thankfully… I’m here to tell you the struggle can be over…

I developed a Spotify Growth Strategy that actually delivers results…

What results you might ask?

Today I have over 642,778 streams of my original music from 339,759 listeners on Spotify.

And I went from 11 monthly listeners…to over 16,000. That's a 1,400x increase!

And in just 87 days I was able to 40x the number of followers of my music from 30 to over 1,300 followers of my music! (As illustrated in the graph below.)

Marketing with long-term impact.

You and I both know that monthly listeners fluctuate from month to month, but Spotify "followers" are subscribed to your future releases much like a mailing list. That's why followers are so important—they get notified and are most likely to stream your new music before anyone else.

For THREE YEARS my followers were in the low double digits. 

And in just three months, I broke 1000 followers and beyond!

In short…

My new method (that I’m about to teach you) was an absolute game-changer for growing my Spotify to a level that I was actually proud of!

This worked so well that I decided to try this with my clients… and it was just as effective!

(Yes…even with different genres of music.)

First I tested this exact strategy with Patrick… and in 3 months we achieved over 500 new followers, and over 100,000 monthly listeners during his album release!

We also triggered multiple Spotify algorithms - which means extra streams and extra music royalties for free!

Patrick’s image below is honestly one of the most impressive screenshots I’ve ever seen from any of my clients:

Then I started using this strategy with all of my clients.

One of those clients, the band Peppermint Heaven, already had a lot of fans…

But I was able to help them get to 172,000 streams and 2,700 of playlist “adds” every month:

Next is Roger, but this time, I was showing him what to do… (instead of doing it for him).

We worked together over Zoom (video meetings) together where I gave him my strategies and feedback on how to best grow his Spotify.

And BAM…

Roger (who writes spiritual organ and keyboard music) was able to use this to grow his Spotify too by over 191% in just one month!

You can have these results too…

It’s actually much easier than you’d expect…

The secret is to use a sequence of marketing campaigns that run 24/7 sending fans who already love your style of music to your Spotify profile.

And the good news doesn’t end there…

A SIDE EFFECT of this method is that it also injects thousands of new interactions on social media as well.

My posts used to only get a few “likes”. But now…

While using this method, I only post once a month and I get my videos seen by thousands of people (378,462 people in the post below).

And rather than relying on the algorithm, my fans actually shared my videos for me - 1,700 times to be exact. (That’s free exposure for my music!)

With that many shares, it was clear that I’d found real fans that genuinely wanted to support my music. And this came from my Spotify growth strategy.

Here’s a breakdown of just how flippin’ powerful this stuff is for visibility:

People Reached: 378,462 people have seen this post
Engagement: 50,382 people took an action (like clicked play or clicked the like button)
Comments: 164 people actually took the time to type on their keyboard a message to me
Shares: 1,700 people shared my video with someone (free exposure!)

Here’s another example: My client Anthony blew up his social media - with over 89,000 people reached and 15,466 post engagements. And this all happened automatically…while he was growing his Spotify.

This method has worked perfectly with every client without spending a bunch of money or wasting a ton of time.

All I did was implement my powerful Spotify growth method…and my clients’ Spotify profiles experienced immense growth in a short amount of time.

And today…

I want to show you how to use this method for your own Spotify profile as well…

And guess what:

  • It only takes a few hours to set up…
  • It runs in the background so you can still focus on your music daily…
  • And it works for every single artist…

I wanted to help more artists get the same results I got for myself and my clients… 

So I decided to synthesize my Spotify growth method into a simple course.

Inside, I'll show you exactly what to do to grow your Spotify with REAL FANS…

But I’m taking it one step further…

I’m going to personally coach you through the process for 90 days. I’ll help you implement this process step-by step so you can’t fail…

That’s exactly what I’m doing in my new program..


"The Spotify Growth Formula"

“The transformative program where we grow your Spotify fanbase from where it is now to 10x larger… then 100x… and then beyond!”

Sign Up
This will help you...

Trigger the Algorithm

When you learn how to market your music correctly, you will start to receive free streams and royalties through Spotify's song recommendation algorithm.

Get on Thousands of Spotify Playlists

Without pitching to curators or hiring an expensive agency. Get added organically by exposing your music to interested listeners.

Rapidly Grow in Streams and Followers

Using simple tools and highly effective marketing strategies that I've discovered over years of testing. 

Mike G.

Musical Artist

"The SGF class has made a huge difference in my number of song saves and new followers on Spotify. I’m so thankful for the step by step guidance. Thank you Ryan and Indie Music Academy!"

- Mike G.


It's not unrealistic to experience 10x... 100x... or even more growth using this strategy.

In the Spotify Growth Formula program, you’ll be able to radically grow your Spotify streams and followers - permanently.

And I’ll be there with you every step of the way, showing you exactly what to do…

This is the only program of its kind.

After years of successfully doing this for myself and my clients, I’m handing everything to you on a silver platter so that you can have the same success.

You can literally copy everything I’ve already done.

And yes, this will work for any genre of artist. 

I’ve worked with artists in pop, country, rock, metal, and more… (Spotify works the same for every genre. All the principles are the same!)

In fact, you don’t need to change ANYTHING about what you’re already doing with your music. 

Just follow the formula and you’ll start attracting fans quickly and reliably.

If getting more streams, followers, and fans is what you want… keep reading for a breakdown of how the Spotify Growth Formula program works.

Here’s a breakdown of the Spotify Growth Formula:

First off, I’m not going to leave you alone to figure this out on your own. I’m going to be right by your side to make sure we get the Spotify Growth Formula working for your music.

This means you'll have help at every step of your journey. Let me explain:

The program is designed to get you results in only 90 days, but you have the freedom to work at your own pace if you wish to go faster or slower through the material. If you ever have a question, you can ask me for help, and I'll respond to you personally!

With that said, here’s how the Spotify Growth Formula works:

Day 1–7

Spotify Marketing Foundations

We’ll start by giving you mastery over the marketing process for music. This is exactly what big-budget record labels do for their artists. You can get the same (or better) results as them with a much smaller budget if you make smart promotion decisions (like I’ll show you in the program). I’ll take you through all the marketing tactics, definitions, and key metrics you will need to be familiar with in order to successfully attract new fans and grow on Spotify. And YES I have designed this to work for you even if you have ZERO prior marketing experience. 

Day 8–35

Get your next 100-1000 streams

Next I teach you the 2 introductory marketing campaigns that every artist should start with. These campaigns will strategically target your “ideal fans”, build engagement, and prep your Spotify to receive the “right” fans and not the wrong ones who don’t care about you. (This is super important! If you bring the “wrong fans” to your Spotify profile, it will de-trigger the algorithm and tell Spotify that your music sucks.) They’ll also “warm up” your ad account - which many other music promotion courses skip over. (This could be why your prior ad campaigns didn’t work!)

Day 36–90

Exponential Spotify Growth

Now that you've handled the basics and you’re getting new fans on a daily basis…it’s time to kick things into overdrive. I’ll show you my advanced Spotify Growth campaign strategies that I use with my artist and label clients. This is where. you will see the 10x or even 100x growth on your Spotify. You can copy my exact strategy (even if you’re a beginner) because the previous steps set you up to do so. This is the DIRECT way to get real, genuine fan attraction, without bots, scams, or gimmicks. Once you’ve completed the course, your Spotify will grow continuously with just ~3–6 minutes of “maintenance” per week (whether you release new music or not).

What will you gain from this?

  • Discover how to massively grow your Spotify (even with just one "pretty good" song)
  • Leverage the "billion-dollar music marketing platform" that’s hidden in plain sight
  • Get new fans (And keep them) for cheap! (I’ll show you how to do it for ~1 dollar a day)
  • Bypass "playlist curators" (who don’t really care about you or your music btw) and take back control over your music career
  • Promote the "right" songs on Spotify that actually increase followers (and avoid the wrong ones that people ignore)
  • Dominate multiple social media platforms with one video-editing trick that sucks fans into your Spotify like a vacuum - with two clicks. (Top artists are doing this, and you can too. It’s so easy.)
  • Optimize your Spotify Artist Page so people perceive you as a "high-value artist" and immediately want to follow you and hear your music
  • "It’s A Match!" - Find your audience of ideal fans, using Spotify’s secret built-in in search mechanism (takes 2 seconds)
  • Stop The Scroll! These proven techniques make your "ideal fans" STOP and listen to your entire song or album (instead of scrolling past or hitting "SKIP")
  • Why you should NEVER use "Boosted Posts". They just suck your money out of your wallet. I’ll reveal what actually works (it’s much cheaper)
  • Free yourself from being at the mercy of the "Algorithm Gods" and control exactly when fans see your posts (so you can consistently get followers to go to your Spotify)
  • Small Budget? No problem. I’ll show you how to spend as much (or as little) as you want according to your "Music Lifestyle".
  • $$$ - Use Spotify to make money (from Streams, Merch, Shows, and more!)
  • The future: Don’t just do this for yourself. Do it for other artists and charge a premium like me!

Why Every Artist Needs This

(The truth about music business)

You might have already tried some of this…and it probably didn’t work…

That’s because the real magic is how it all works together. And that’s the rare skill that I’ve mastered and share with my students in this program…

So how are we gonna get this done?

Well, the primary tool we’re gonna use is Facebook + Instagram ad platform.


  1. Because it’s the most advanced marketing platform in the world. 
  2. And it’s where your fans already are. 

As Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Look where the eyes are.” And your fans' eyes are on Facebook (and all the Facebook-owned properties like Instagram, Messenger, and 3rd party websites around the internet).

Not only that, FB spends billions of dollars per month developing their ads platform. So we’re gonna leverage their technology to get results easier/better/cheaper/faster than we could anywhere else.

Now, I know what you might be thinking…

Maybe you’ve tried ads before…and they “didn’t work”...

Or maybe you’re thinking ads will be expensive…

Or time-consuming…

Or you might even be thinking: “Running ads isn’t ‘cool’. Shouldn’t people just find my music organically and love it because it’s good?”

Yes of course, many people will organically find your music and become fans simply because your music is great. But the fact is…

Top artists have always used paid-advertising. Record labels, PR firms, and music marketing agencies have always paid to promote their artists…

I don’t mean to break your heart, but…

All of your musical heroes have used paid advertising to become famous and successful.

Remember: It’s called the music business. And that means you have to market and promote yourself, just like any other business.

I could sit here and lie to you. 

I could tell you there’s a super secret way to hit the top of the Billboard charts and win Grammys without spending a dime… I could tell you to just sit on a street corner and play your music with a tip jar, and one day you’ll get “discovered” and “make it big”. Let’s be adults and face reality: The odds of that happening for you are basically zero.

But here’s the good news…

Paid advertising used to be super expensive

(Think roadside billboards and MTV commercials)

But with today’s modern advertising platforms…marketing has become dirt cheap.

And besides, you’re not trying to promote a multinational corporation against competitors with tons of funding…

You probably just want to gain a modest increase in followers and streams…and take your artist career to the next level…

I can tell you (and all of the students in Spotify Growth Formula would agree) that this does not require a huge budget in order to get results.

Nor does it require a lot of time. In fact once you get things set up…

…it just takes a few minutes of “maintenance” per week. 

It won’t interrupt your creative pursuits, gig schedule. You can let things run on “auto-pilot” and enjoy more free time with friends or family. Or you can come up with new creative projects to promote to your now-growing fanbase :) 

Because when you invest (even just a little bit) to grow your Spotify, it feeds the algorithm (and simply makes you look more professional) which also increases your organic fan acquisition. It’s a win-win all around.

Now…maybe you’ve even purchased someone else's Spotify course in the past who was promising something similar — only to be disappointed.

I’ve heard this from many of my students. But the truth is…

That failure in the past doesn’t lie on your shoulders…

It falls on the instructor not giving you exactly what you needed to succeed.

Which is why this course is far more thorough, detailed, and clear than any other course out there…

And that’s why I’m not just giving you my strategy… And I’m not just giving you a “course”...

I’m giving you the guarantee that I’ll be with you for 90 days (and beyond) to make sure this works for you.

No one else offers a hands-on experience at this level.

I’ve investigated many of the other courses out there. And I’m confident in saying…


This is the most thorough Spotify Growth course on the market.


And that’s why it’s going to work for you this time!

Now I’m sure you can see how powerful a program like this can be for your music…

And with the 90 days of hands-on accountability and personalized help, you’re going to get an experience FAR more effective than simply taking another online course…

My goal is to change your life and your music forever.

Wouldn’t it be great to sit around the Thanksgiving table…and proudly share to your family that your music is growing and you have professional-grade ads running successfully?

That’s what I want to help you with.

Or wouldn’t it be wonderful to pull out your phone this Christmas and have your friends and parents say, “Oh wow, that’s a lot of streams!”

Even while bumping your music at the pool this summer you'll be able to share with your neighbors how you crushed all your music goals this year!

I want to help you achieve that situation with your music.

But even if you don’t care about the accolades and complements…

I still want you to feel confident that you’re finally marketing your music at a professional level — without needing to hire an expensive firm or sell your music to a corporate label.

And when I worked with my private consulting clients to achieve these results for their music, they paid me upwards of $10,000 for me to help them implement this for them 1-1.

What to expect the moment you sign up...

Here’s a no-nonsense list of everything I promise to deliver:

1) The moment you sign up you’ll receive access to both our training areas:

  • The Spotify Growth Formula video training portal
  • The Q&A Coaching Community where you can ask your questions and receive direct feedback

2) The material is organized into 5 Modules with video walkthroughs of everything you need to do to successfully grow your Spotify:

  • Module 1: How to Market Your Music Successfully
  • Module 2: How to Set up Your Required Marketing “Tech”
  • Module 3: Your First Campaign to Prepare and Warm-up Your Account
  • Module 4: My Spotify Growth Campaign Strategy for Streams and Followers
  • Module 5: Advanced Strategies for Even Better Performance and Growth

3) At any point during your training, you can ask questions about the course material in our Q&A community or request feedback on your progress! You’ll get help daily (and often within minutes).

You might be wondering "Will I Get Support?"

Yes, absolutely. You will NOT be left on your own to figure this out!

In fact, this is a “mistake” a lot of indie musicians make. They think they need to figure out everything on their own - without help, support, or guidance. They’re “independent” after all, right? But this only leads to slower progress and wasted time (and money).

Yes, the first component of the Spotify Growth Formula is a series of detailed training videos. But this program is not just an online course... 

The Spotify Growth Formula is a coaching-based program. 

My team and I (along with the other students in our community) will be helping you every step of the way - from when you’re a total “newbie” to a Spotify Growth Expert.

The video training covers everything you need to know about growing your Spotify profile. 

But if at any point you feel “stuck”, confused, or just want extra help, I will personally guide you through the exact next steps you should be taking in your unique situation. And I will explain anything you need to know, in plain English, so you won’t feel any uncertainty and you can simply take action that will produce results.

This is part of the reason why this program is so effective. It's the perfect combination of…

  • A highly detailed step-by-step Video Training Course covering the must-know fundamentals for understanding and growing your Spotify. (You can complete this on your schedule.)
  • A Q&A Community Forum where you can post questions and get feedback, as well as see what results other students are getting and what’s working best on Spotify right now (you can post 24/7 and expect to get feedback within a few hours if we are awake.)

This program is based on an approach that has proven to be effective for all learning styles and types of musicians.

Don’t take it from me. Hear it from our happy and successful students themselves…

Here’s Proof that the Spotify Growth Formula really works:

The Spotify Growth Formula works... here's proof:

Rebecca P.

Musical Artist

"This was a mind-blowing experience for me. It's exactly what we need as independent musicians. I can't tell you how life-changing that is. It's a game-changer."


Jim & Alex S.

Father-Daughter Songwriting Duo

"I took us off all our playlists because I wanted to see the raw numbers that have come from this class... our monthly listeners are steadily going up!  The numbers have been phenomenal!"


Sean from the The Next Great American Novelist

Rock Band - Featured in AMC's The Walking Dead

"I promoted some old songs I released in 2020 and using the marketing strategies in this course I now have 5x the daily listeners of my music... this happened in less than a month!"


Felicity A.

Music Producer - DJ - Songwriter

"I had done a previous masterclass before with John [G...] but I got a lot of spammy results from it. Yours was much more thorough where I feel like he missed some fundamental details."


Lara N.

Artist Manager

"I am probably not the typical consumer of your class... so for me starting at the ground level was SUPER helpful and SUPER informative."


Marc G.

Artist Manager - Independent Label Owner

"I tried one of your rivals and stopped because it was a recipe that just didn't work... Yours was much more honest going in and equipped me with the skills I needed."


The Olayans

Family Band

"Your training is so amazing, I can't even tell you... When I started, we were only at 229 listeners... now we are over 15,000 in just three months! I was like DANG!"


How to Enroll in the Spotify Growth Formula

(Enrollment is currently open!)


Click the “Sign Up” button below and you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page. 

You'll see an option for extra personalized training that might interest some students (completely optional).


All you have to do is Enter Your Regular Details to complete your enrollment.

Congrats, you’re now a member of the Spotify Growth Formula—for life!


You’ll immediately receive a confirmation email with access to your Spotify Growth Formula members area, as well as a link to join our private Q&A community directly on our website.


Then get started watching the videos right away, introduce yourself in our community with open arms, and network with like-minded artists and caring teachers who are excited to help you succeed.
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Need to take a look inside before you buy?

Video Training Portal:


Student Community:

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All of this sounds great! So what’s the investment?

Let’s recap what you’re getting: 

In addition to our experienced coaches and music industry mentors…

We have several hundred members who have already completed the program, who are getting results, and who have valuable experience to help you with

So you’re getting a test-proven method for growing your Spotify (consistently, and on-going) – plus an immersive and supportive community to help you in real-time every step of the way.

And that means: Instead of just getting “another course” that sits on your computer unopened, adding to your ever-growing to-do list, making you feel guilty and overwhelmed…

…you are actually putting in the necessary steps to grow your Spotify and finally see results that transform your music and life. 

It’ll be something you can finally feel proud of.

In 90 days (or sooner) your life as an artist could be completely different with this program…

So for all this…what’s the investment?

I thought long and hard about this. Here’s the deal:

I want to create as many success stories as possible. 

So you’re not going to pay $10,000. You’re not even going to pay $5,000. You won’t even pay half of that at $2,500. (There are plenty of other programs out there if you’re in the mood to pay more haha…)

When you sign up today, you’ll get the full 90 days of training and lifetime access to the video portal for…


Because this is the first year I’m offering this program… the price will never be this low again.

And this is the only time you’ll be able to secure the 90 days of coaching and Q&A community included with no additional coaching fees (I won’t be able to offer this for future students FYI). 

It’s a deal that honestly is stupid for me to offer (because it commits a lot of my time) but it’s worth it for me because I want to see you succeed. I really do! And I hope it shows.

Yup. For just $997, you get forever-access to the Spotify Growth Formula and our supportive community. 

That’s a tiny fraction compared to the typical “music school” education or “degree in music marketing”. Never mind the cost that most “agencies” or “PR Firms” will gouge you with to show your music to a grand total of no one.

So why is it $997? 

Why not $1,500.00 or $2,500.00 or higher?

Eventually I will be charging $2,000 - $5,000+ for this because the program is that valuable…

But for now, I wanted to offer something that as many independent artists as possible can access and get results with…

To be candid, $997 is just out of the reach of most tire kicking “basement couch” musicians who won’t take the program seriously, won’t take action, and will clog up the student community (where you will get A TON of personal attention)…

But it’s also highly affordable for serious musicians (probably like you reading this) who are ready to make their artist dreams a reality.

We take this program seriously and we want the right people inside it.

The investment equates to just $11.11 per day for the 90-day program…

And on top of that – remember you have access to the training FOREVER. 

If you need to justify that price to yourself or your bandmates, just skip a few lattes per week. Instead of waiting in that long line, you can work on your next album instead ;)

So overall, I’d say this is a sweet deal. :) And no one else is offering anything like it.

(Keep in mind, as this program grows, the price will go up.)

Now, here’s “how to join” laid out in plain english:

How to join:

Click the "Enroll Now" button below to become a student of the Spotify Growth Formula.

Scroll down to view details and enroll.

Join the Program

The complete coaching program  + Q&A artist community.



One Payment

  • The Complete 90-Day Marketing Program to Grow Your Spotify.
  • Lifetime Access to the "Spotify Growth Formula" Video Training Portal with lifetime updates included.
  • 100% Success Guarantee: You will continue to receive training and feedback inside the Q&A Community until you achieve results.

Plus Q&A Coaching Community Included:

  • 24/7 Access to the Q&A Community Forum where you can ask your questions and get feedback on your music and promotion campaigns.
  • Community-exclusive content, guided Group Feedback Sessions, and Milestone Challenges to keep you on track. 

I guarantee this will dramatically change your life...

Before I get to all the details of the guarantee I’m offering with the Spotify Growth Formula, let me just tell you…

If you are ALREADY thinking of asking for a refund, then this program isn’t right for you.

While I understand there are a lot of empty promises (or outright “scams”) out there when it comes to the music business… I’d also say…

If you’re looking for a reason to get a refund now, you’re already giving yourself an excuse to “give up” before you see results.

We all know it can be challenging to be successful in music—at any level. So if you’re considering quitting, you’re going to continue to struggle with getting results— even when they’re easier to attain than you might have realized previously…

And while yes, this program makes growing your Spotify way easier and more likely than any other strategy out there…

If you think you can just buy a program—any program—and streams will just “magically” show up, please don’t join this program. (Actually that would be “buying streams” and it will get you banned from Spotify.)

I created this program after years of putting hard work into helping my clients, friends, and myself see a massive growth on Spotify…

I provide feedback and coaching daily in the SGF community group— bringing my "A-game," ready to help you absolutely crush it as an independent artist…

So if you’re not ready to do the same, then I implore you, once again, please do not join this program.

With that said, here’s how the guarantee works:

When you invest your $1000, it will sit in an account untouched for 14 days, ready to be sent back to you if you’re unsatisfied…

If for some reason you’re not totally thrilled with what I’m delivering via the Spotify Growth Formula program, all you have to do is email me at [email protected] before the 15th day post-purchase and ask for a refund. I’ll give it to you, no questions asked.

But frankly, I don’t think that will happen.

How do I know? Because…

Out of the hundreds of students who have joined the Spotify Growth Formula program, less than 1% of students ask for a refund, and every time it’s because they expect magic streams to appear on their Spotify with zero work. That’s the honest truth.

So if we’re on the same page right now, I know you’ll love this program.

Still, I’m happy to offer a 100% money-back guarantee in order to be as fair to you as possible :)


Allow me to cover a few more questions that a lot of artists have asked me regarding this program and whether it is right for you:

Does this work for all genres?

Yes. This will work for any genre of artist.

I’ve worked with artists in pop, country, rock, metal, and more…

Spotify works the same for every genre. All the principles are the same!

What if I’m a solo artist vs a full band?

It doesn’t matter. This program works the same whether you’re a solo artist, a duo, a full band, or any other musical act.

The only requirement is that you are willing to put yourself out there and share your music confidently.

Being an individual or a group will not affect your outcome.

What if I’m a manager or running a record label?

It doesn’t matter. The program will still work for you. We have many students who are using Spotify Growth Formula to promote the artists they manage.

If you are a label, you need all the same growth techniques as independent artists. You can use this strategy for your entire artist roster.

How can I be sure that this won’t be a waste of money?

I understand if you’re looking for assurance that this will work. And that’s fair.

I’ll be honest: This program works for everyone who puts in the effort.

All of my students who have completed the course, taken action on the assignments, and consistently shown up in the community or posted their progress to share with the group…they have all had great results.

But if you’re looking for a “get rich quick”-style solution, this program isn’t for you. And let me tell you: That solution doesn’t exist for Spotify. If anyone is promising you that, they’re scamming you.

That said, if you’re a committed artist who takes action, but simply struggle with thoughts like…

“I wish someone could help me consistently with my music promotion”


“I need someone who’s done this before and knows what they’re doing”

Then this will be TOTALLY worth it for you.

And remember: I offer a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. Which is plenty of time to dig into the program and decide if it’s right for you.

What if I'm a complete beginner to marketing?

No problem! The course starts at the “absolute beginner basics”. So even if you have no prior knowledge of marketing, the program will “catch you up”.

The best part is that you most likely have all the skills needed to market your music. If you can…

  • Operate a computer
  • Post on social media
  • Film a video using your cell phone
  • And know how to add and subtract using a calculator...

Then you have all the skills necessary to be successful in this course. 

How much will I have to spend on ads?

Short answer: As much or as little as you want :)

Longer answer: A good rule of thumb is a song’s marketing budget should equal the cost of production.

So if you spent $1000 getting a song made, then you could spend $1000 promoting it.

Now of course, record labels spend far more than this “DIY” rule. And you can too, if you desire. But you can also spend less if that’s what works for your budget. You’ll still get results, it just might be a more “gradual” increase…

And keep in mind: You’ll need to “warm up” your campaigns so they run correctly. I explain why and how this works in the course. Just know that you aren’t supposed to spend your entire marketing budget on Day 1.

I will teach you the exact amount to spend for every campaign so that you can get the most out of your ads.

My experience is: There is definitely a “sweet spot” when it comes to advertising budget.

But if you must know an exact number before joining the course… My goal is to get you to spend at least $5 a day on advertising. So if you’re willing to sacrifice one Starbucks Venti Caramel Macchiato per day, then I can get you more Spotify streams and followers haha.

How many songs / albums do I need?

At minimum you need one song that you’re proud of and ready to promote.

The “age” of the song doesn’t matter. Some students using the Spotify Growth Formula to breathe new life into an album they released 10 years ago. Others are marketing their first single ever.

If you don’t already have your song released on Spotify, you can still join the program. There is a module where I show you how to get all your music distributed in under 1 hour.

Will I have to make extra content?

Probably not. You likely already have the video content required for the strategy laid out in this program.

But even if you need to make some new videos, I’ll give you 7 examples that you can “copy”. You can film with your iPhone in under 10 minutes and polish them with free video editing software. Easy peasy.

Should I do this even if I’m just a local artist and not trying to become “famous”?

Yes. Growing your Spotify will DEFINITELY help you secure more local shows and negotiate higher rates.

You can leverage the global audience of the Spotify app to cut through the noise in your local scene—resulting in more performance opportunities and more clout amongst your peers.

And if you ever decide to take your success further (with regional tours, sponsorship deals, selling products or services, getting session gigs, etc.) you’ll be in the perfect position to do it.

Am I “ready” for this program? (Is this appropriate for “new” artists/bands?)

Most likely yes. There’s no reason you can’t skip the “struggling musician” stereotype and build a large fanbase right away. That’s the smart thing to do. And I LOVE helping new artists.

However if you…

  • Don't have any songs recorded (you just need at least one
  • Have no social media pages (they don’t need to have a lot of followers)
  • Or simply aren’t willing to learn how to market your music correctly

…then this program isn’t the right fit for you.

If “just getting started” but serious about music, then we’d love to have you in the program!

How is this different from something I can get for free on YouTube?

It’s a lot different. First of all, watching free videos on YouTube can get you started. But the fact is most YouTube content doesn’t actually show you how to implement successful Spotify growth strategies.

Second, a lot of artists go down the “YouTube Rabbit Hole” and just procrastinate by watching more “Spotify advice” videos. (Maybe you can relate.) It’s easy to just waste time feeling busy, but not actually accomplishing anything.

Third, this program relies on a proven curriculum and “structure”. This keeps you on track, and ensures you achieve results on a timely schedule. Which leads me to…

Fourth - and this should be obvious - there is no interactive coaching via YouTube haha. This program is “coaching based”, so you’ll actually get help from real coaches along your journey in the Q&A Community. Not to mention the support from our community of students!

It’s the difference between going to the gym and messing around with random machines…VS having an olympian-level workout program with an expert coach to guide you along the way. The latter gets you way better results, faster.

Is this just “paying for streams”? (Answer: NO!)

“Paying for streams” is one of the most dangerous things you can do because it's actually against the Spotify Terms of Service (unless if you do it one very specific way). Other programs out there rely on generated bots and “fake” streams (which is unethical and dangerous). It can get you BANNED from Spotify.

This program is not based on paying for streams…

Running ads is different than just “buying streams” for your Spotify because it’s a legitimate form of advertising. In fact, Spotify loves when artists do this because it tells the platform that you’re serious about getting more eyeballs on there.

Facebook ads fall under the category of “direct marketing” and along with “influencer marketing” these are the two safest forms of advertising you can do on Spotify.

In conclusion, anything associated with the Indie Music Academy programs or services will not endanger your Spotify account whatsoever.

Will this give me a return on my investment?

This is a nuanced conversation because it depends on what type of “Return” you are looking for.

Let’s be honest… it’s hard to put a price tag on having the audience and career of your dreams.

But you might be wondering if you’ll make this back in streams?

And to be honest, probably not right away. But you can make your investment back in many, many other ways.

Let’s do the math… 250 streams on Spotify earns you about a dollar so that’s not the best way for musicians to make money no matter what strategy you implement. 

However, 250 engaged fans can be worth 10x or even 100x more if you interact with them directly (I’ll show you how in the course). 

For example, if 2 out of the 250 purchase a T-Shirt, then you’re already making 30x what you made in Spotify royalties (if each shirt is $15). 

If 5 join your Patreon, you’re getting $50/mo every month which is a much higher leverage way to earn. 

Royalties can’t hold a candle to this. 

So plainly put… if you are willing to build relationships with your fans and create offers for them to purchase, then you will make your money back.

If you spend money to acquire fans, the truth is that it’s going to pay dividends over the course of your career because once someone discovers you now can include them in your music activities for years to come — this includes future tours, merch sales, products, and more.

How can I become a “top student” in this program? How can I maximize my success?

That’s a great question. And if you’re thinking about this, you’re already well on your way to being extremely successful on Spotify…

Here’s the deal: I’ve had hundreds of students go through the program. And the students with the best results all have a few things in common…

  1. Go through the course videos and follow the program exactly to the detail. This should be easy for you to do, because I lay out everything in the videos in a “follow along” format.
  2. Watch the bonus content. This gives you an opportunity to learn from the questions and struggles from likeminded artists who have come before you. This is an invaluable learning experience where your peers help your push the limits of what's possible for your own music journey. This is exactly why I've included these recorded calls as part of the program.
  3. Ask any and all questions you have in our Q&A Coaching Community group. Our group is composed of instructors and fellow students. You’ll get excellent feedback within 24 hours in most cases. And you’ll never be made to feel stupid or “bad at this.”

Many students purchase this program but don’t take advantage of the interactive element of this course and never share their progress in the community. If you want to go it alone that is fine, but I would encourage every student to make the most of all the resources this program has to offer.

Will the price ever be this low again?

Absolutely not.  As this program grows in popularity, the price to enroll will increase as more students join and even more success stories are established.

So if you want to get extra attention at a lower price, click the button to join.

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Mike M.

Musical Artist

"I found the training to be very insightful and helpful.

What I loved most about it was how straightforward, comprehensive and action oriented the training was.

There was no fluff, it was all business! Thank you Ryan!"

-Mike M.

Not sure if it’s the right fit for you? This one question might help…

If you’re still “on the fence”...I get it. There are a lot of “false promises” out there when it comes to growing your music career. People have made entire careers themselves out of screwing over hardworking, talented artists.

But I hope I’ve convinced you that the Spotify Growth Formula program is different. With our in-depth step-by-step video training, interactive Q&A feedback from the coaches, private judgment-free membership area, and 14-day money-back guarantee…I hope you can see that I have no agenda here, other than to help you.

Which is probably why no one else out there is making an offer like I am in the Spotify Growth Formula program. 

But if you’re still not sure it’s the right thing for you, let me ask you this one question:

How long have you been wishing you could grow your Spotify - on a permanent, consistent basis?

Has it been 6 weeks? 6 months? 6 years? Longer?


In 7 days you could be 10x as knowledgeable about promoting your music and growing your Spotify…

In 14 days you could have 100x as many streams…

In 90 days you could be in an entirely different tier of artists…

…or you could “wait”. And stay where you’ve been. With the same problems and challenges that have plagued your career and kept you from success.

Many of my students have waited “too long” to solve this problem. And it made them feel frustrated. Angry. Hopeless. Even like “giving up”…

But then the Spotify Growth Formula changed everything for them.

And now they have a feeling of confidence. Certainty. They “know what to do to get where they want to be.”

They feel hope. And excitement about the future…

You probably know that with more streams and followers, you could have a career you’re proud of, make more money, open more opportunities, and so much more. 

And maybe you’ve watched as other artists have “zoomed” past you into more success, while you’re stuck trying to figure out what to do.

That doesn’t have to be your reality anymore. You can finally get off the fence…and into the game.

And show the world how great your music is.

In the worst case scenario…

You spend a couple weeks learning more than you ever have about marketing your music, triggering the Spotify algorithm, and getting more streams…

And if you don’t like it, you simply ask for a refund. No big deal.


In the best case scenario…

You invest in your long-term career success. Become a master of the Spotify platform. Build an audience of life-long fans who love your music (and pay you handsomely for merch and concert tickets). And “blow up” your Spotify streams and followers…


Even if all you did was get an extra few thousand streams…chances are, that would still be a huge win. That’s still a big win for most artists, especially if you’re just starting out. It can make a big impact.

Add to that the dramatic mindset shifts that you’ll experience… the timeless marketing wisdom you can carry with you through the rest of your career… along with the confidence to know you can build your career without relying on any “label” or “agency”...

That makes this program a no-brainer if you ask me.

Now is your chance…

I’m going to show you how to build a massive Spotify following using proven marketing strategies for a massive discount… 

And the reason I’m doing this?

So I can help as many artists as possible.

And I wanted to build a program that nearly guarantees your success because I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I’ve already committed my time to training you inside this program…

Now it’s just up to you to make the commitment to yourself and decide that you are ready to grow your music audience.

I’ve shown that this program works (no matter what genre or what stage of your career you’re in).

Are you ready to begin?

I hope so!

By the way, in order to make sure that I’m able to give my full attention to the students inside the Spotify Growth Formula, I need to limit the number of artists allowed inside this program.

So if you want to work together, click the button below to reserve your spot - before the program is full. 

For years now artists have been asking me to create a training exactly like this, so slots are filling up fast.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

I’m looking forward to working with you in the program :) 

See you inside,


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