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3 Reasons Why You Need a Songwriter Split Sheet

One of the greatest skills that can artist can have is the ability to write and record their own songs, as well as collaborate with other fellow artists. But when there’s a lot of chefs in the kitchen cooking up a new song, it’s important to have a contract that spells out what each...

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How to Write Better Song Lyrics in 6 Steps

If you’re a subscriber to our YouTube channel, you saw that we recently chatted with famous Nashville songwriter Steve Leslie! If you haven’t seen them yet, what are you doing here? Take a break and go watch those videos right now, then come back. Join us as we take a look at the ...

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"How to Grow a Music Fanbase
…Even If Nobody’s Ever Heard of You"

  • Video 1: How to Use Spotify and Social Media to Blow up Your Fanbase and the Secret to Earning Their Trust After They Discover You
  • Video 2: My Exact Revenue Streams and Why Income Diversification Lets Me Do More with My Music Career
  • Video 3: Establishing Your Artist Brand and How to Create a Lasting Impact with Your Music