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Welcome to the Spotify Promotion Client Hub

✚  Be sure to check your Spotify for Artists portal for extra insights. If you don't see any activity or are missing streams, reach out to us and we'll make it right!

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Welcome to the Spotify Promotion Client Hub

Check My Campaign Status
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How to check your campaign status:

Start by clicking the Check My Campaign Status button on this page:

Check My Campaign Status

Step #1

Sign in via magic link using the exact email that is reflected on your order receipt. Then click the "Send magic link" button.

Step #2

Check your email for the magic link! Click the "Log In" text to automatically log in to view your active promotion campaigns. 

Step #3

Once you are logged in, click "Home" in the top navigation to view a list of your active promotion campaigns. 

You can now view your campaigns 🎉

Click "View Campaign" underneath your song name to check the current status.

Here's a sample of what you will see:

Have questions or need help?

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60-Day Campaign Timeline


Day 1 - 3: 

Our team will listen to your song to determine the best marketing direction.

Day 3 - 10:

We perform the first round of pitching to the top 1% of playlists on Spotify!

Day 11 - 15:

We will contact you with an update on your campaign and let you know how things are going.

Day 15 - 30:

If successfully placed, you will start to see the streams roll in!

Day 30 - 60:

If the first round of influencers did not accept your song, we will continue pitching for an additional month at no added cost to you.

If for any reason we can't secure an influencer for your song, we will issue a full refund.