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Get a Free Work for Hire Agreement for Your Music

Work for Hire Agreements are a staple in the music business and you shouldn’t get caught without one. Let’s say a friend in the industry calls you up because they need help finishing a song. Or, let’s say you’re a producer and you were asked to make a beat for a new...

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5 Rules for Life as a Musician

The music industry is an ever-growing and evolving arena that contains a sea of information still yet to be discovered. That’s why we’re equipping you with five main things you need to know about the music industry to get your feet off the ground.

#1. Surround Yourself With Good...

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"How to Grow a Music Fanbase
…Even If Nobody’s Ever Heard of You"

  • Video 1: How to Use Spotify and Social Media to Blow up Your Fanbase and the Secret to Earning Their Trust After They Discover You
  • Video 2: My Exact Revenue Streams and Why Income Diversification Lets Me Do More with My Music Career
  • Video 3: Establishing Your Artist Brand and How to Create a Lasting Impact with Your Music