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Learn how to become a pro songwriter for all artists and all genres.


Do you have the dream of writing songs that create a deep connection with listeners?

Or perhaps you have the goal to be so good at songwriting that you get invited to write for other artists  one day!

Artists who are leaders in the music industry can genuinely impact others with the songs that they write.

Can you say that about your music?

If you are ready to hone the craft of lyric and melody writing as a storyteller and artist—keep reading what I have for you below!

Growing who you are as an artist is an essential step to getting people to listen to your music, and cutting through the sea of mediocrity which causes so many independent artists to be completely ignored.

This is true for every business (not just musicians).

There is an old saying that goes "no amount of marketing can sell a bad product."

And that's why I've invited Grammy-Award Winning songwriter Steve Leslie to help every independent musician learn the fine art of songwriting and fill the gaps in their creative process.

Look—we all can't afford the time and money to get a 4 year degree in music.

It's just not practical with jobs, family, performing, and all the other duties we have as independent artists.

But you can still learn from a University-Level Professor, Grammy Winner, and BMI Award Winner!

Allow me to introduce your new coach: Steve Leslie!

Here's just a few things that Steve has accomplished:

  • Former Professor of Songwriting at Belmont University, Nashville TN
  • Multiple BMI Award Winner and Grammy-Winning Songwriter in Multiple Genres
  • Senior Faculty Member at Nashville Songwriters Association International
  • Signed to multiple publishing deals including EMI Music Publishing (one of the biggest publishers in the world)
  • Twenty-five year songwriting career with cuts by Kenny Rogers, Mark Chesnutt, George Strait, Darryl Worley, Rhonda Vincent, Neal McCoy, Ricky Skaggs, Darius Rucker, and more. 

Okay, now we know that Steve is one of the real ones in a sea of songwriters who "claim to have the key to great songwriting" — his track record speaks for itself (pun intended).

But what's in it for you?

Can you actually learn how to write like the great songwriters of our time? 

Yes! You can!—and you can learn much faster than you think!

Steve Leslie has taken his 25 years of experience and the full curriculum of his college-level songwriting program and is now making it available to students of the Indie Music Academy—without the price of college tuition.

Introducing: The Fine Art of Songwriting

Instructed by Grammy-Winning Songwriter, Steve Leslie

The Fine Art of Songwriting 

I want to invite you to join us as we spend the next 5 weeks learning directly from Grammy-Winning Songwriter Steve Leslie. 

Once you join, you will... 

  • Learn the principles behind ALL great songwriting regardless of style.
  • Connect with your listeners on a much deeper level than ever before.
  • Unlock the magic of story-telling in your lyric and harmonic writing.
  • Learn a songwriting approach you won't find anywhere else—taught by a master teacher.
  • Watch your songs go from good to great!
  • All taught by Grammy-Award Winning Songwriter Steve Leslie!

We’ve prepared 5 weeks of daily training for you that is going to transform the way you view song structure, turning ideas into fully-written songs, incorporating theory in the songwriting process, and crafting memorable lyrics all in step-by-step video lessons that can be watched anywhere at your own pace!

And by the end of this training, you will never have writers block again and have a wider creative palette for creating fantastic songs that others will fall in love with.

Imagine, fans saying that the song that you wrote touched their lives in a profound way (this has actually happened to Steve multiple times).

Imagine, having so many great songs that artists are begging you to write for them (this also has actually happened to Steve).

All it takes is a catalog of good (even great) songs.

That's why we're offering this.

Don't write alone in your bedroom with zero guidance and zero feedback. Surround yourself with the best so you can advance your songwriting craft fastand go further in your music career.

Here’s what will happen after you finish this course:

▶︎ You'll know how to write a "big chorus" that knocks it out of the park

▶︎ You'll know how to use song structure as a creative element

▶︎ You'll know how to turn good ideas into great ideas and use proven methods to write memorable songs


▶︎ You'll finally know how to use music theory to your advantage (instead of being afraid of it)

▶︎ You'll write songs that sound better and have multiple layers of meaning

▶︎ You'll learn the secret of "Verisimilitude" which pro writers use (and beginners can't figure out)

▶︎ And the best part is that these skills will last a lifetime where every future song can benefit.


Here's your songwriting training schedule for the next 5 weeks:

Lesson 1: The Beginners Mind and 3 Steps Towards Songwriting Mastery

Lesson 2: Organic Form and the Importance of Title Placement

Lesson 3: How Limitations Lead to Freedom in Songwriting

Lesson 4: How Purpose Creates Structure (AABA Form)

Lesson 5: The Principle of Form Follows Function

Lesson 6: The Formal and Informal Approach to Lyric Writing

Lesson 7: How to Write a Chorus That Knocks It Out of the Park (Delayed Gratification)

Lesson 8: How to Write a Chorus That Knocks It Out of the Park (The Power of 57)

Lesson 9: How to Write a Chorus That Knocks It Out of the Park (Weakening the One Chord)

Lesson 10: How to Write a Chorus That Knocks It Out of the Park (The Secret Melody Sauce)

Lesson 11: How to Write a Chorus That Knocks It Out of the Park (Case Study)

Lesson 12: How Do I Know If I Need a Bridge?

Lesson 13: To Tag or Not to Tag? That is the Question! (Learning How to Use a Tag)

Lesson 14: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone (Unconventional Structures Part I)

Lesson 15: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone (Unconventional Structures Part II)

Lesson 16: The Emotional Narrative Line (As Songwriters, We're in the Emotion Business)

Lesson 17: We Don't Just Write the Song, We Write the Record

Lesson 18: Learn How to Write Your Own Song Charts

Lesson 19: Song Ideas & Titles (Part I: Are You a Private or Public Writer?)

Lesson 20: Song Ideas & Titles (Part II: There's No Such Thing as Writer's Block)

Lesson 21: Song Ideas & Titles (Part III: There's No Such Thing as Writers Block)

Lesson 22: Process Part I: Time to Get Our Songwriter Hands Dirty!

Lesson 23: Process Part II: Time-Tested Techniques for Writing Like a Pro.

Lesson 24: Process Part III: Techniques for Turning Good into Great

Lesson 25: Process Part IV: It's Time to Go For It

Lesson 26: The Craft of Lyric Writing Part I: Expectation, Surprise & Inevitability

Lesson 27: The Craft of Lyric Writing Part II: Limitation & Economy (What Makes a Good Lyric Great)

Lesson 28: The Craft of Lyric Writing Part III: Verisimilitude Part 1: the Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Lesson 29: The Craft of Lyric Writing Part IV: Verisimilitude Part 2: Allow Your Audience to Believe You

Lesson 30: The Craft of Lyric Writing Part V: Verisimilitude Part 3: Learn How to Wear Different Masks

Lesson 31: The Craft of Lyric Writing Part VI: Verisimilitude Part 4: Poetic Principles

Lesson 32: The Craft of Lyric Writing Part VII: Crafty Tips for the Masterful Lyric Writer

Lesson 33: The Craft of Melody Writing (The Mystery of Mysteries)


The lessons in this course includes:

  • Daily Video Training with Steve Leslie with real-time musical examples
  • PDF Downloadable Workbooks
  • Chord Charts, Lyric Sheets, and Song Analysis
  • Listening Homework (with included mp3s)
  • And the ability to ask your questions on any of the 33 topics above!

This is NOT just going to teach you boiler plate "best practices" that you can simply google—this won't get you anywhere. Instead you're going to get a one-of-a-kind method created by Steve Leslie himself!

All you have to do is click the button below to get instant access to all of the training inside The Fine Art of Songwriting. 


Plus a 100% Money Back Guarantee!


My only goal is for you to succeed and to improve your songwriting risk free. If you join and then feel that it was a mistake, then I don’t want to keep your money. If you’re not happy, you don’t pay. It’s that simple. 

So when you're ready, hit the blue "Enroll Now" button below to save your seat and I'll see you inside The Fine Art of Songwriting!

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Your new songwriting coach is credited in the Country Music Hall of Fame...

The Fine Art of Songwriting Begins:



The course is available in your IMA portal immediately after you enroll. Take the class fully online, and always feel free to ask questions in the comments below each video.


5 Weeks Of Daily Training

You'll get tons of lessons structured for 5 weeks. Get immersed in the process.


All Artists & Genres

No matter your situation this class will level you up!

This purchase is covered with my "burn the ships" money-back guarantee.

As with all my trainings, this comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

But it's unlike any guarantee you've probably ever heard of. 

Here's the thing about guarantees... it gives you a way to back out from achieving what you want.  It allows you to give up too easily on something you want to accomplish.

So if you purchase, go through a couple of trainings and decide to give up, then there is NO GUARANTEE.

There is no way that you did the amount of work needed to achieve your goal. I'm not going to let you give up that easy.

But if you go through the training, do all the work and ON DAY 30, you feel that this was a mistake? You are covered.

I'm doing this because I truly believe it's the best way to ensure you succeed. I know how easy it is to refund something because it's easier than the pain of hard work day after day.

Here's a quick video that I think will change your beliefs about guarantees:


☑️ DO THE WORK and take responsibility for your own success

☑️ Contact [email protected]

☑️ Show me know you've done the work and you'd like a refund and I'll GLADLY refund you.

I don't want you to ever be unhappy with any purchase you make with us. My team and I will go above and beyond to take care of you. But my first priority is to turn you into the musician you were meant to be.

So all I ask is that you make that guarantee to yourself first, and I'll do everything I can to push you towards your vision of success.

So take action and let's get started right away. Click the button to begin!

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About Steve Leslie

Steve Leslie is a Grammy-Winning songwriter with a career spanning more than twenty-five years with songs recorded by Kenny Rogers, Mark Chesnutt, George Strait, Darryl Worley, Rhonda Vincent, Neal McCoy, Ricky Skaggs, Darius Rucker, and more. A multiple BMI Award Winner, in 2004 Steve received a Grammy Certificate for the title cut to Ricky Skaggs' Best Bluegrass Album of the Year, Brand New Strings. Steve has released three CDs, as well as written the Music and Book for a full-length musical, Umbrella. Steve is a Senior Faculty Member at Nashville Songwriters Association International, and a regular contributor to American Songwriter Magazine. He has taught Jazz History at Tallahassee Community College, Tallahassee, FL, Songwriting at Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN, and Morehead State University, Morehead, Ky. From 2011- 2014 Steve was Adjunct Professor of Songwriting at Belmont University, Nashville, TN, and in 2013 was one of four internationally selected candidates considered for the Chair of the Songwriting Department, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA.

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  • If you ever have any questions or concerns, leave your comments below the training videos. Myself and my support team will be here to help you understand the material.
  • Complete the training and have the knowledge and skills to level up your songwriting!
  • Lifetime Access for years of benefit for you and your music career.
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If you've been wondering why nobody is engaging with you online.

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