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Spotify Promotion Cancellation Policy & Procedure

Cancellation Policy

Our refund policy is clear, simple, and fair.

If we can’t place your song for any reason, we will give you a 100% refund. Even if we try to pitch your song for a year and we can’t get an influencer to back your track, you will still get a 100% refund because we could not deliver on our “guaranteed streams” promise.

See how we place the risk completely on our end? Either we deliver, or you don’t pay.

If we deliver equal to or greater than the number of streams for your package type, there will be no refunds since we completed our job in its entirety.

In the off-chance that we were only able to partially complete your campaign goal, we will then offer a partial refund equal to the percentage of streams we were able to acquire for you.

For example, if you purchase a 10,000 stream campaign and we can only find influencers that provide 5,000 streams, we will give you a 50% refund.

But here’s the great thing, our “stream guarantee” means that we will continue pitching your song as long as it takes to hit your campaign goal—even if this means months or years. So in most cases, a partial refund is not necessary—we will just continue to work harder and longer to get you the streams you need.

We want to place all the risk on our shoulders so that you don’t need to worry about whether or not you’ll get your money’s worth. You’re in good hands with us! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out anytime by emailing [email protected].

Once your promotion campaign is complete, all sales are final and there will be no refunds.


How to Cancel

Use the chat bot on this page to contact support and request a cancellation.

Alternatively, send an email to [email protected] with the following subject line: Cancel Spotify Promotion [insert first and last name here]. Please also include the email you used to purchase up so we can access the correct account. We will respond to your emails as soon as possible, but please take into consideration office hours and heavy support volume. 

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