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Build a profitable and thriving fanbase through proven marketing frameworks and step-by-step guidance specifically for musicians!

What do you learn from managing the careers of dozens of independent artists and getting them a collective 1M minutes streamed on Spotify? 


But most artists wouldn't even know how to transfer that temporary attention into a sustainable music career even if all those streams just fell into your lap.

Just think about it for a second. If tomorrow you were given a shout-out by Post Malone himself, would you have the business structures and the marketing knowledge to turn that exposure into a lasting career?

Or think about this... if your music was used in the next Apple commercial, do you have your songs properly registered so that you can collect the thousands that would be owed to you?

I know that these exercises are silly, but they prove an important point. Today with the internet, a single viral video can thrust an artist into a situation they are completely unprepared for—or worse—taken advantage of by greedy labels wanting to cash in at your expense.

That's why I raise you one better—how many musicians can say they get 1,000 new subscribers on their mailing list every single month while taking them a Fan Journey™ that turns them into VIP supporters that actually engage and buy—completely independent of a label and maintaining 100% ownership of their music.

I can.

And that's why I'm so glad you're reading this because I want to show you how I took my music from being a money-pit to my full-time income and teach you the exact process I've used to turn streams, video plays, and exposure into real fans that support your music career.

Here's what past students have to say...



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Ryan's courses are clear, non-fluff, and very precise. It's changed my toolkit for what I use every day for my music business.

— Andrew Galucki
Greys Anatomy, ABC, FOX, MTV
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Ryan understands the latest cutting-edge technology and marketing techniques to run a successful music business.

— Steve Leslie
Grammy Award Winner, EMI Publishing, BMI Award Winner

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If you want to do music beyond Soundcloud in your mom's basement, you need Ryan on your team.

— Lowery

Independent Rap Artist, Las Vegas, NV

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Who I Am and Why You Should Listen To Me

My name is Ryan Waczek and I've cracked the Spotify code for artists like Artur Nelson, helping to get his single on Spotify's Fresh Finds, Poptronix, Release Radar, Discover Weekly, and 3rd-Party playlists.

I've also harnessed the power of Facebook and Instagram marketing for artists like Anthony Tullo (like you'll see below) spreading the reach of his music to thousands of fans worldwide through strategic music marketing techniques.

I started the Indie Music Academy to teach independent artists how to market their music the right way.

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"If this blows up, we'll start calling Ryan 'social media magic man!'"

- Anthony Tullo
CMAO TOP 5 Male Artist of the Year 2018

I've even done it myself
(without changing my crazy last name)...
1,700 Shares and 21,000 Monthly Listeners

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Which translates into income, fans, collabs, opportunities, and being a real contender in the music industry!

Here is just ONE of my music income streams:

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Can you figure all this out on your own?

Maybe... It's possible but I doubt it.

You could do what I did: Get a 4 year degree in music, then work in studios ghost-producing and learning first-hand from the source what it takes to market a hit song.  Then you could pay thousands for post-graduate education in digital marketing and get hired as the marketing director for 4 different startups and manage the marketing campaigns for musicians, labels, and non-profits. 

OR you can learn all of this directly from me while I hold your hand through the process as I take your fanbase and music to the next level AND get proven marketing structures and the crucial feedback you need for a successful music career.

The choice is yours...
  • Learn what it takes to properly market your music and build a fanbase
  • Understand how to get fans to buy into what your doing and make them crazy about your music
  • Stop counting on streaming that pays pennies and monetize your music in a bigger way
  • Understand how the music industry works so that you can navigate with confidence
  • Stop trying to figure everything out on your own and make a difference with your music

All of this with the guiding support of me as your mentor!

Keep reading to learn more.

What does the Indie Music Academy teach?

Increase Engagement

Most artists are marketing wrong! They don't realize that fans actually need to taken on a journey and that not all fans are the same. We teach our students how to attract and promote to fans properly to maximize engagement and grow their fanbase.

Earn Music Income

Going viral is not a good "Plan A." We teach our artists how to leverage their creativity and talents to actually earn an income with their music. With more income, you have more freedom to create, promote, and ultimately reach your goals faster.

Create VIP Super-fans

There are a lot of services that allow you to "bump" the numbers on plays, views, and followers. But the one thing you can't fake are the number of real fans that are die-hard about you and your music. We teach our artists how to be the real deal.

Trusted by over 300 students, 10,000 subscribers, and 30,000 monthly readers as the go-to music marketing resource in the US, Canada, and Internationally.



The three steps we teach to achieving music success:

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Step 1:

You'll learn digital marketing to break out of your local scene and convert fans into buyers.

When was the last time you went viral?

Probably not recently, yet if musicians are honest with themselves, that's what they secretly hope for every time they post.

It's what I call "post and pray" and newsflash, that is not a winning strategy.

Here's the thing. If you're realistic with yourself, then you'll realize that you're most likely not going to blow up to stardom overnight. It's going to be a slow and steady process.

Which means that as you're slowly growing, you're going to be a small artist for a while.

This means that you need a small artist approach to monetizing and promoting your music. 

You can't wait until you have "X" amount of followers before trying to get your first sale.

You need to get you first sale NOW!

And grow from there.

This is why I'm going to teach you how to use direct marketing to make your artist brand clear, and effective no matter your current audience size.

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Step 2:

You'll learn how to make your fans care about you
(so your "promotion" doesn't fail).

Want to know one of the hardest things ever to convince someone to do?

It's convincing someone to leave the comfort of their home, drive 20-40 minutes to a new unknown location, and stand for 2 hours as they wait for the openers to get off stage and finally hear the headliner play. Oh and the ticket is $65 dollars.

That's the ridiculous product musicians are trying to sell and then they wonder why it's hard.

But here's the crazy thing about humans: we gladly do it all the time!


We feel a personal connection towards the artist and the music.

It needs to be personal. If it's not, then there just isn't enough gravitational force to convince anyone to move off their butt for you (or get out their wallet).

It requires a journey and a transformation on the listener's end in order for them to go from complete stranger to fan.

That transformation is something that I call the Fan Journey, and it's something that I want to teach you—along with everything I mentioned above in my proven course...

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Step 3:

You'll get the technology training you need to actually execute the marketing strategies, from Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, to Branding.

New artists make a lot of business mistakes.

I'm here to show you the way...

I learned a lot of these the hard way

For years I spent my time and effort creating my music: spending hours songwriting, recording, and mixing. I was so focused on the craft of music that I didn't realize that my music career was extremely off-balanced.

The process of writing and recording my music was fun, but it wasn't doing anything to grow my fanbase. By the time the song was ready for release, I didn't have anyone new to release it to.

Does this sound familiar?

I know it does.

Don't worry, pretty soon I'm going to teach you the concept of a "talent stack" and how to use Facebook Ads and Email marketing to grow your music brand effectively.

Build Your Music Business with Bite-Size Lessons That are Easy to Understand and Easy to Implement

The course is broken down into sections covering each aspect of building your music business. Each lesson includes all of the necessary worksheets and documents for easy implementation.

How To Build A Profitable Music Career From Scratch

My flagship music marketing video course that provides the templates, business strategies, and marketing training to build a successful music career from the ground up.

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Lesson Value: $250

  • Why the Music Industry Is Hard and How to Make It Easier
  • Common Myths of the Music Industry That Are Holding You Back
  • What Is the "New" Music Industry and the Difference Between the "Old" and the "New"
  • Why Independent Artists Need to Become Their Own Record Labels Right Away
  • How to Develop a Talent Stack That Makes You Irresistible to Fans
  • How to Set up an Active/Passive Music Income Strategy
  • Harnessing Something That I Call the Economy of Attention to Earn a Music Income
The Old vs. The New Music Industry
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Lesson Value: $250

  • A Skyscraper Overview of What Artists Need to Do to Succeed in the "New" Music Industry
  • My 3 Step Business Plan for Audience Growth, Music Monetization and Music Management
  • Understanding the Concept of a "Fan Journey" and Why Every Artist Needs One in Their Music Career
  • Why Audience Growth Should Be Your #1 Concern and Not Making Music
  • Long-Term Growth Tools That Automate Your Music Career and Make Fans Fall in Love with You on Autopilot
  • How to Get Fans to Visit You over and over Again Online
Audience, Monetization, and Management
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Lesson Value: $500

  • What Platforms Are the Right Ones for Growing and Audience, and Which Platforms Are a Waste of Time
  • What Type of Content Do You Need to Post to Attract Brand-New "Cold" Fans
  • The Biggest Mistake I See on Most Artist's Websites and How to Fix It
  • How to Grow Your Mailing List and the Tools I Recommend to Attract New Subscribers
  • How Paid Advertising and Social Media Ads Fit Within Your Overall Marketing Strategy, and When Not to Use It
  • The 5 Word Phrase That Is on Every Website That Is Turning Away Fans by the Truckload
How to Grow 1,000 Fans from Cold, Warm, to HOT
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Lesson Value: $250

  • Why the "Traditional" View of How to Make Money in the Music Business Is Going to Leave You Broke
  • The Different Types of Music Copyright that Actually Generate Completely Different Types of Royalties
  • How to Get Paid Through Distribution Deals and the Correct Percentage Ranges You Might Come Across
  • Royalty Distribution: Independent Artist vs. Signed Artist and Why You Definitely Don't Want to Be the Signed Artist!
  • The Types of Royalties You Can Expect from Different Types of Music Success
  • Why You Should Not Count Streaming As A Source of Income
  • Everywhere You Need to Sign up to Be a Legit Artist and Not Lose Your Hard-Earned Money
Monetizing Your Music and Collecting Music Royalties
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Lesson Value: $250

  • Why Owning Your Fanbase Is Just as Important as Maintaining Ownership of Your Music
  • How to Retain Ownership of Your Music and Why Record Deals Are Not What You Think
  • Hot Take: Monetize Your Audience First, and Then Monetize Your Music Second
  • My Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Fanbase That All Have One Extremely Critical Thing in Common
  • Why Every Artist Needs to Master the Art of "Selling"
  • How to Sell Without Being Manipulative or Scammy and Why Your Music Never Simply "Sells Itself"
  • What Is the Process of Selling Concert Tickets and Why Do Some Artists Successfully Sell and Others Don't
  • How to Build a Fan Family and Sell Merch That They Already Want to Buy from You Before You Make It
  • How to Create an Irresistible Offer and My 4 Favorite Offers That You Can Swipe and Use in Your Career Right Away
Monetizing Your Fanbase and Earning Immediate Music Income (Without Royalties)
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Lesson Value: $497

  • How to Create Customers That Are 14X More Likely to Buy Something from You
  • What Is "Customer Value" and How to Increase It over Time
  • How to Sell Your Access and Create High-Ticket Vip Experiences for Your Super Fans
  • My Top 5 Vip Experiences That You Should Be Selling to Your Super Fans at All Times
  • Why It Might Be a Good Idea to Incorporate Creating Digital Products in Your Product Line-Up
  • How to Make Money Online Without Selling mp3 Downloads and Other Garbage That Nobody Cares About
  • I Give You My Top 8 Favorite Digital Product Ideas That You Can Steal from Me
  • How to Sell Pro Services to Become the Top 1% of Your Industry
  • How to Leverage Your Story to Help Others Along Their Musical Path and Earn Money as a Mentor
Advanced Audience Monetization

Plus get these additional bonuses for FREE:

Bonus #1: Access to The Den [$497 Value]

“The Den” is a collection of essential music industry contracts, fill-in career planning templates, royalty collection guides, and more that help you strategize, collaborate, and protect your music.

Bonus #2: “Over-the-Shoulder” Tech Library [$497 Value]

The "Over-The-Shoulder" Tech Library is practically a music technology course on its own! This new section of the course is where I walk you through, step-by-step, the technical aspects of setting up your online presence

Bonus #3: Custom Music Career Brand Review [$497 Value]

This is my favorite addition: You get customized video of my real-time feedback on your artist brand from your website, social media platforms—you name it! When you are ready to cash in this bonus, just hit reply on the course confirmation email and I'll get working on your custom video right away!

Advanced Bonus: Instagram Swipe-up Ads Workshop [$497 Value]



Why don't I charge $3,985?

I should be charging a lot more than I do for this program and everything that has been put into it. Business coaches charge tens of thousands of dollars for proven business systems. But - I know this is a lot of money to most musicians. I'm passionate about helping people finally find clarity in what they need to do and eliminate confusion. In order to do that, we've made these training programs affordable. So don't worry - you won't have to pay $3,985 (or anything close to that) for access to all of the included training and systems.

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Going through Ryan's course and learning from him was very insightful and inspiring to learn how I can improve my own music career. 

— Joel Markus Antson
Spoken Word Artist, Nashville, TN

Choose Your Training Program:

We offer something for every musician at every budget. From Beginner to Pro.

You can sign up for the basic "core package." Or the advanced training that includes 4 additional Advanced webinars that are dripped out along with the core content. The core package is a one time payment of $297 and the advanced is three payments of $197.




  • Profitable Music Career Course ($1997 Value)
  • Access to the Q&A Boards
  • Access to "The Den"
  • “Over-the-Shoulder” Tech Library
  • Custom Music Career Brand Review
  • Lifetime Access (No Re-bills)


$197 x 3


  • Profitable Music Career Course ($1997 Value)
  • Access to the Q&A Boards ($497 Value)
  • Access to "The Den" ($497 Value)
  • “Over-the-Shoulder” Tech Library ($497 Value)
  • Custom Music Career Brand Review ($497 Value)


  • 4 Additional Webinar Style Advanced Trainings [$497 Value x 4]
  • Includes the "Instagram Swipe Up-Ads Workshop" [$497 Value]
  • Includes the "Online Music Income Workshop" [$497 Value]
  • Includes the "Fan Journey Advanced Workshop" [$497 Value]
  • Includes the "Fans On Autopilot Workshop" [$497 Value]
  • Lifetime Access (No Re-bills)

Don't forget: it's completely risk-free for 30 days.

And here's the cool thing: it's completely risk-free.

If you believe you made a mistake and the training wasn't as expected, I'm giving you a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee.

So jump right into the training without a worry. If you are not satisfied with the course after going through the training, you can send me an email up to 30 days after purchase and I'll refund every penny, no hard feelings, no questions asked.

Who's this training for?

This is a great choice if you are...

Passionate about your music career and ready to operate with ease.

Done making excuses to your family about when your music is going to really “take off.”

Sick of seeing others in the industry being more successful than you (and less talented).

If you've been wondering what you're missing.

Ready for it to be easier.

Willing to go all in.

This is not for you if...

Deep down you don’t believe you’re cut out for this business.

You are skeptical that you're good enough to be a successful artist.

You’re not an action-taker.

You are not willing to show up AND show the world your authentic-self.

You mistakenly think that successful artists don't get help from others.

If you related more to the first group, then you're in the right place!

Your Future Is Unwritten. How Will You Write It?