What if... You Could Build a Profitable Side-Hustle from Your Music?

Discover how to monetize your creativity without sacrificing your vision:


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Does This Sound Like You?

  • I don't know how to make a name for myself without a record label.
  • I have some fans but they don't buy into what I'm doing.
  • I've done all I can so far and don't know how to go further in my career.
  • I am doing this completely alone and don't have a manager or mentor.
  • I don't know how to bring proper exposure and visibility to my music.
  • I see others living my dream but I'm not sure what they are doing that is working.

What If You Could...

  • Have a clear roadmap to transform your talent into a thriving business.
  • Know the right way to communicate with fans so that they respond and support your career.
  • Stop counting on people paying you pennies for streaming and monetize your music in a bigger way.
  • Learn and follow the example of  someone you trust, who is already making it happen in the music game.
  • Escape the office and spend your days in the studio while getting paid for your creativity.
  • Stop wasting your life doing work you don't like at a job you don't like. You're a musician. Now be a musician.

I didn't realize this for a long time...

I always wondered, "why do talented artists still starve?" It's because the biggest roadblock for artists is not their musical ability... what they really lack is a true understanding of the music industry and a proven plan to grow an obsessed fanbase.

Crazy enough, I started my music career by getting a Bachelors in Music Performance, and I didn't even know this. Ten years back, when I started as an assistant recording engineer at a multi-million dollar recording studio, I dreamed of making a living as a full-time artist. What I imagined was performing to large crowds, becoming a full-time songwriter, and being able to buy all the cool and expensive gear that I drooled over at Guitar Center! But most of all, I wanted to connect with a fanbase and make an impact in the world.

Do you dream of impacting the world with your music?

This was me—if I could achieve this dream, I'd be the happiest man alive. But I wouldn't be truthful if I left out that I also wanted to have the freedom to work on my own craft, and not just be a hired hand to make other people's dreams come true. But again, back then, I didn't know the secret, and I got frustrated. I couldn't get new fans, couldn't sell any CDs or merch, and I couldn't gain any traction online.

I was so defeated that I ended up quitting music for 5 years. I needed to reset.

Have you ever felt so stuck that you didn't know where to turn for help? I felt like I needed the support of someone sitting over my shoulder to tell me where to turn. But I couldn't find anyone. So what did I do during that time? I bounced around from job to job, working at Starbucks as a barista, and then as a video editor at a surgery center (gross), and then eventually landing a steady gig as a musician at my local church.

But then, I got the fantastic opportunity to work at a brand new start-up in their marketing department. This was huge for me. I learned everything that's involved in creating a successful online business. And then I began to think: what if I could take these strategies and apply them to my music?

I studied marketing, learned from co-workers and experts, and eventually I found a process that could be used by musicians all over the world.

I worked as an online marketer by day, and then by night, I bought every music industry book, listened to every podcast, and attended every live panel discussion that I could about the latest marketing techniques of the music industry...and then things started to really change. I found a process that actually started to give results to the artists I worked with.

Nothing brings me more satisfaction than helping my artists reach the goals they set for themselves. Keep reading and you'll see what I mean. 

"Ryan understands the latest cutting-edge technology and marketing techniques to run a successful music business."

— Steve Leslie
Grammy Award-Winning Songwriter

This is me now...

My name is Ryan and I've been developing artist brands since 2016 with my company Lion Bold. The artists I've worked with have been streamed for over 1 Million minutes on Spotify in 2018 alone, and now I want to introduce you to the Indie Music Academy: a training center for independent musicians so you can skip over the struggles I went through and grow your audience larger in less time.

I've helped artists earn some pretty cool wins:

I've cracked the Spotify code for artists like Artur Nelson, helping to get his single on Spotify's Fresh Finds, Poptronix, Release Radar, Discover Weekly, and 3rd-Party playlists.

I've worked with, taught, and spoken at these indie music events:

How was this all possible?

It definitely wasn't pretty! It took a lot of searching, a lot of failures, and a lot of restarts. I want you to skip over all of that and show you the quickest way.

There is a great saying that goes "Your Music Doesn't Matter...Until It's The Only Thing That Matters." This took me a long time to accept because I thought that if I just wrote amazing songs, the world would fall in love with me. But in reality, the truth is that your music does absolutely nothing to attract new fans to you. Your music isn't a magical magnet that if you just post it online, new fans will miraculously be attracted to you by some invisible force.  It's everything ELSE that does that: Branding, Marketing, Message, Voice... all this "marketing-speak" that is a foreign concept to us musicians.

We would much instead focus on the last part of the equation—the music. Our creative brains are obsessed with the fan's interaction with our song, but how do you actually get to that point? What is the journey your fans need to take for them to actually decide themselves that they want to listen to you?

The answer is that it takes a plan. If you want even a remote chance of new fans getting in front of your music, you need to order your career the right way. Don't make the backward assumption that "my music will attract new fans." It takes a journey for a stranger to decide they want to even give you the time of day...and after they make that decision, your music is the only thing that matters.

My goal is to help you order career so that you can become successful by just repeating the process I mentioned above. But there are so many mistakes that I've made in the past (and that I see artists make every day) that will wreck their progress:

Mistake #1: "I need to post my music and content more on Instagram."

Well actually, what you will learn in the course is that INSTAGRAM is a terrible method of communication with your fans. Remember how I said that it's the branding, marketing, and message that attracts new fans to your music? That all happens over effective communication. And because of the Instagram algorithm, your message never sees the light of day. 

In the course, I'll show you how you can communicate with your fans 14X more effectively than social media.

Mistake #2: "I need to focus on getting more streams, then I can pay for more promotion."

Once again, this was a trap that I fell into that I want to save you from. Streams are here to stay, and they are an excellent way to consume music, but we have to stop kidding ourselves that streaming is ever going to be a solid form of music income...unless if your name is Drake. By the time you are making your monthly minimum wage in streaming, you can be making 10x more income if had focused on something else instead.

In the course, I'll show you what to focus on to earn a substantial music income.

Mistake #3: "I put my music into Distrokid, and now my music is protected, and I'm earning music royalties."

It saddens me every time I hear an artist say this because it's wrong on so many levels. Distrokid is just a music distribution service (not a publisher), and it does not bring you any form of copyright protection whatsoever. Also, sure you earn a bit of money through distribution, but you are leaving most of your money on the table if you don't register with these other royalty collection agencies.

In the course, I show you how to get your songs protected and where to sign up to collect every single music royalty. 

Okay great Ryan, but I'm not a marketer like you...

That's okay, I'm going to work with you through reframing your mindset and removing the most common roadblocks that 99% of artists run into.

You'll learn how to make your music irresistible to complete strangers.

How to create the right content that will actually sell products and tickets.

You'll know everywhere you need to sign up to collect your music royalties.

"All the things you're talking about in your online course are ALL the things you're doing. To find that I'm actually building loyalty to your brand through the thing's that you're doing is really cool."

Independent Musician



"How To Build A Profitable Music Career from Scratch"

Here's everything that's inside [$1997 Value]

  • How To Use This Course
  • BONUS: Grammy Award-Winning Songwriter Shows Me How to Write Better Songs
  • Why the Music Industry Is Hard and How to Make It Easier
  • Common Myths of the Music Industry That Are Holding You Back
  • What Is the "New" Music Industry and the Difference Between the "Old" and the "New"
  • Why Independent Artists Need to Become Their Own Record Labels Right Away
  • How to Develop a Talent Stack That Makes You Irresistible to Fans
  • How to Set up an Active/Passive Music Income Strategy
  • Harnessing Something That I Call the Economy of Attention to Earn a Music Income
  • A Skyscraper Overview of What Artists Need to Do to Succeed in the "New" Music Industry
  • My 3 Step Business Plan for Audience Growth, Music Monetization and Music Management
  • Understanding the Concept of a "Fan Journey" and Why Every Artist Needs One in Their Music Career
  • Why Audience Growth Should Be Your #1 Concern and Not Making Music
  • Long-Term Growth Tools That Automate Your Music Career and Make Fans Fall in Love with You on Autopilot
  • How to Get Fans to Visit You over and over Again Online
  • What Platforms Are the Right Ones for Growing and Audience, and Which Platforms Are a Waste of Time
  • How to Speak to Your Audience Correctly Depending on the Stage They Are on in Your "Fan Journey"
  • What Type of Content Do You Need to Post to Attract Brand-New "Cold" Fans
  • What Type of Website You Need for Your Music and How to Build It Properly
  • The Biggest Mistake I See on Most Artist's Websites and How to Fix It
  • How to Grow Your Mailing List and the Tools I Recommend to Attract New Subscribers
  • How Paid Advertising and Social Media Ads Fit Within Your Overall Marketing Strategy, and When Not to Use It
  • The 5 Word Phrase That Is on Every Website That Is Turning Away Fans by the Truckload
  • Why the "Traditional" View of How to Make Money in the Music Business Is Going to Leave You Broke
  • The Different Types of Music Copyright that Actually Generate Completely Different Types of Royalties
  • How to Get Paid Through Distribution Deals and the Correct Percentage Ranges You Might Come Across
  • Royalty Distribution: Independent Artist vs. Signed Artist and Why You Definitely Don't Want to Be the Signed Artist!
  • The Types of Royalties You Can Expect from Different Types of Music Success
  • Why You Should Not Count Streaming As A Source of Income
  • Everywhere You Need to Sign up to Be a Legit Artist and Not Lose Your Hard-Earned Money
  • Why Owning Your Fanbase Is Just as Important as Maintaining Ownership of Your Music
  • How to Retain Ownership of Your Music and Why Record Deals Are Not What You Think
  • Hot Take: Monetize Your Audience First, and Then Monetize Your Music Second
  • My Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Fanbase That All Have One Extremely Critical Thing in Common
  • Why Every Artist Needs to Master the Art of "Selling"
  • How to Sell Without Being Manipulative or Scammy and Why Your Music Never Simply "Sells Itself"
  • What Is the Process of Selling Concert Tickets and Why Do Some Artists Successfully Sell and Others Don't
  • How to Build a Fan Family and Sell Merch That They Already Want to Buy from You Before You Make It
  • How to Create an Irresistible Offer and My 4 Favorite Offers That You Can Swipe and Use in Your Career Right Away
  • How to Create Customers That Are 14X More Likely to Buy Something from You
  • What Is "Customer Value" and How to Increase It over Time
  • How to Sell Your Access and Create High-Ticket Vip Experiences for Your Super Fans
  • My Top 5 Vip Experiences That You Should Be Selling to Your Super Fans at All Times
  • Why It Might Be a Good Idea to Incorporate Creating Digital Products in Your Product Line-Up
  • How to Make Money Online Without Selling mp3 Downloads and Other Garbage That Nobody Cares About
  • I Give You My Top 8 Favorite Digital Product Ideas That You Can Steal from Me
  • How to Sell Pro Services to Become the Top 1% of Your Industry
  • How to Leverage Your Story to Help Others Along Their Musical Path and Earn Money as a Mentor

Also Includes These Bonuses:

Bonus #1: The Den [$497]

“The Den” is a collection of essential music industry contracts, fill-in career planning templates, royalty collection guides, and more that help you strategize, collaborate, and protect your music.

  • The best part about "The Den" is that it is always expanding and you will see even more additions! 
The Den will set you above 99% of artists in terms of preparedness to face the dangers of the music industry.

Bonus #2: “Over-the-Shoulder” Tech Library [$497]

The "Over-The-Shoulder" Tech Library is practically a music technology course on its own! This new section of the course is where I walk you through, step-by-step, the technical aspects of setting up your online presence:

  • This bonus section is also expanding!
A modern music business exists online and you will be able to put your best foot forward on the digital stage. 

Bonus #3: Custom Music Career Brand Review [$497]

This is my favorite addition: You get customized video of my real-time feedback on your artist brand from your website, social media platforms—you name it! When you are ready to cash in this bonus, just hit reply on the course confirmation email and I'll get working on your custom video right away!

Nothing beats real-time, custom feedback to locate and correct the blind-spots in your branding, marketing, and message.

"If you want to do music beyond Soundcloud in your mom’s basement, you need this."

Independent Musician

Follow in the footsteps of musicians who are already doing it.

Discover how countless musicians around the world are growing their audience, making money, and finding freedom doing what they love.




Profitable Music Career Course

Access to "The Den"

“Over-the-Shoulder” Tech Library

Custom Music Brand Review

Access to the Private Facebook Community

1:1 Private Coaching Call (30m)





Profitable Music Career Course

Access to "The Den"

“Over-the-Shoulder” Tech Library

2 x Custom Music Brand Review

Access to the Private Facebook Community

1:1 Private Coaching Call



Your Purchase is 100% Covered.

If you are not completely impressed with the course, let us know within the first 30 days and we'll give you all your money back. If you're not happy, you don't pay. It's that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

This training can be done at whatever pace you feel comfortable at. Some students spend a few weeks and take their time, others knock it out in a couple days. The choice is yours!

This course outlines the exact business plan that I give to my artists and use myself to make a profitable career in music. 

If you are dedicated to your craft, a talented practitioner, and your music is of a high sonic quality, you can expect excellent results with consistent, long-term application of this instruction. 

If you don't have any songs written and recorded (or at least ready to be recorded), I can't say that I recommend that you join because a lot of the training is based on the assumption that you are already making music and releasing it in some form or fashion. 

If you are still learning your instrument and still working on turning your voice memos into complete songs, this course might be too far along for it actually to benefit you.

However, if you DO have songs written, and they are CLOSE to being released, I couldn't imagine a better time to dive in and get clarity on your path to music success.

Yes! If you feel stuck and alone when it comes to making forward movement in your music career (no matter the size and scope) and you want coaching and training that will push you over your plateau, this will help.

"Music Career" is just a term that I use because I want to show that I am serious about the craft and the industry—but by no means do you need to make it your full-time job like I did.

Nope. As far as consuming the content of the course, I've had many students complete it in just under a week. Some in a single day (which is crazy!)

However, this is not a get rich quick scheme—implementing the training, going through the branding exercises, registering for royalties... etc. are all things that will take time. But it will go much quicker with my guidance compared to figuring it out by trial and error!

No. The entire video course is built right into the member's area of the Indie Music Academy website. You create your own private login, and you get access to your own private portal that you can access from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Yes and no. Enrollment this time around is limited. When the countdown timer reaches zero, you will not be able to join until I open up enrollment again which might not even be until next year.

And remember - by joining now you get to lock in lifetime access at the lower price. The next time I update the course to keep up with the ever-changing music industry, the price will most likely double.

Just like everything we offer at the Indie Music Academy, this course is an insane value when you think about it. I've spoken at and attended live in-person workshops were seats for those events cost upwards of $900+.

Instead, you can get virtual access to cutting edge training at a fraction of the cost and without the hassle of having to travel.

I know that once you see exactly how I structure my artists' music careers from top to bottom, you'll have way more confidence and a complete understanding of what it takes to make profits in todays music industry. I know that this is the first step in a long career of many successes for you :)

Ryan Waczek

P.S. Where will your music career be 3 months from now if you don’t change your approach? Probably around the same as it is today.

One thing is sure: if you don't invest in your music career, you won't be feeding and nurturing your music for it to reach its full potential. Don’t waste another minute doing the same thing you’ve always been doing. Your music deserves better. YOU deserve better.

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