How to Rank on Google and YouTube and Get Discovered Online

When your Music, Content, and Products exist online, you need to be absolutely certain you can be found by your potential fans and customers. In this training, I teach you how to climb the rankings on Google and YouTube.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) took me from 200 visitors per year... to over 3,000 every month!


By taking my program you will learn:

All the definitions, lingo, and terms you will need to know to become well versed in the field of Search Engine Optimization

✔︎ The exact tools that CEOs, marketing experts, and entrepreneurs use to monitor keywords and optimize their websites

✔︎ How to find, organize, and research Keywords specific to your brand

✔︎ How to validate whether or not your content strategy is working for your brand and how to increase existing traffic

✔︎ How to optimize Blog posts for the Google search engine using Blog-specific SEO best practices

✔︎ How to optimize your website home page to rank at the top of Google for your branded keywords

✔︎ The tricky SEO pitfalls that inexperienced musicians fall prey to and how to avoid and protect yourself against getting banned

✔︎ Advanced SEO strategies that marketing agencies don't want you to know... (like how to get the data from any website or YouTube channel, even your competitors!)

Let me explain my strategy:

Tactical & Powerful Training

8 video modules teaching you the best tools, practices, and techniques to perform accurate keyword research and optimization for your music-based online brand.

Over 2 Hours of Bonus Content

Watch over my shoulder as I put the modules into action as I perform a real-time strategy session with one of my clients and optimize his entire website from scratch.

Includes SEO Checklist

Review the content of this course at a glance on every future website, blog post, and YouTube video by referencing the Optimization Checklist PDF.

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How to Rank on Google and YouTube and Get Discovered Online


Build your online empire, one optimization at a time.

Have you ever written a blog post, or uploaded a YouTube video and thought, "This is the one that is going to make all the difference! This is the one that will go viral!"

And then what happened?

If you're like me, after the 4th or 5th video, you realize that it's probably not in the cards and that "going viral" isn't a good "Plan A" for your music career.

The other thing I realized is that, if I'm going to be pouring my blood sweat and tears into creating content and music, I'd better know what the hell I was doing in order to optimize my content to get it in front of the fans and viewers I needed.

After studying for nearly a year and taking a break from content creation, I returned with my newfound SEO knowledge and absolutely CRUSHED IT in 2019. I grew my website from 200 visitors per year, to over 3000 per month! Here is a screenshot from Google Analytics, and another screenshot how one video made me over $250 bucks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. In fact, I can't imagine a better application of this training. As an independent record label, you need to get your brand & message heard by potential artists and fans alike. Creating content that is optimized to be found by the right audience is crucial to you and your label's success!

Yes. This course is taught so that no matter what brand, website, or platform you use, the information still holds true in any search-engine scenario. You can even use these techniques to optimize your Instagram profile.

Yes! If you are not completely impressed, you are covered with a 60-day risk-free guarantee. If you're not happy, you don't pay. It's that simple.

Get Lifetime Access:

How to Rank on Google and YouTube and Get Discovered Online


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