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Free Workshop

Nobody is telling you the full story...
Spotify is just one step in The Fan Journey™


Beginners don't realize that a lasting music career takes fans on a journey.

As a songwriter, artist manager, and performing artist myself, I understand that the hardest thing that gets in the way of success is getting your music heard.  

  • People aren't responding when you drop new songs
  • Your Spotify streams and monthly listeners are embarrassingly low
  • Your social media profiles are just crickets
  • You don't sell any merch
  • And because of this, you have a hard time getting venues and opportunities to take you seriously

Let me just shed some light on this problem by saying: everything I mentioned above has nothing to do with your music.

But it has everything to do with your fans.

Let's go through a little call and response real quick...

Who needs to listen to your tracks? Your Fans.

Who are the "monthly listeners" on your Spotify profile? Your Fans.

Who is supposed to engage with you on social media? Your Fans.

Who buys your merch and supports your musical career financially? .Your Fans

See the pattern?

Now let me ask you this, how much time do you spend actually working on your fanbase?

If you're like most struggling artists, the answer is probably never.

We work so hard on our lyrics, our production, our artist image... but all for what?

Yes, once again: Your Fans.

It wasn't until I started to actively start crafting a Fan Journey that I was able to turn this around.

When I worked as the marketing manager at an apparel company and then at an indie record label, I learned that successful businesses thought A LOT about the journey of their customers.

Artists, even more, need to be thinking about this because we don't just need customers... we need people who will fall in love with us and our art. An even HARDER task.

That is why I created The Fan Journey Formula to give you a proven blueprint of how to take your fans from stranger to VIP super-fan. Here is everything you will learn:

✅ Learn the steps to grow your fanbase and never get stuck on what you should be doing next in your music career.

✅ Finally, understand content strategy in order to make the right first impression with new fans.

✅ Hack the real purpose of social media and paid advertising to create the "omnipresent-effect" through paid advertising.

✅ Utilize my "Behind The Curtain" roadmap to using 3rd party platforms like Patreon to squeeze some extra cash from fans who are more than willing to support you.

✅ Master the art of direct-marketing to grow your list and sell all the merch sitting in your garage.

✅ ***LOW BUDGET HACK: How to sell merch even if you don't have any money to create merch!

✅ ***LOW BUDGET HACK: How to turn your old mailing list into a treasure chest of VIP fans!

But I don't want to just give you the formula and leave you to figure it out on your own...

That's why I am also including an advanced video training where I coach you through every step and explain the guiding principals behind each so that you can build your own skills and have the understanding to implement this right away!

I don't offer this training anywhere else (you can even check) this training is not included in any other offer.

Your fans are hungry to know you. Now is your chance to actually give them the experience they need to respond and support your music. I know that using The Fan Journey Formula will be well worth it!

Grab Your Copy of the Fan Journey (PDF) and Video Masterclass Now for Only $37

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P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was for, you're getting
my proven Fan Journey Cheat-sheet so you can begin taking your fans on a journey from stranger to VIP. As well as over 90 minutes of training where I show you the best ways to use these strategies and the methodology behind why they work.

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